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I need a psychic medium to help with my question?

My ex husband passed three years ago and I miss and love him terribly. We have a child together we fought a lot when he was living but i wonder if he knows how much i love him and miss him. I wish I could talk to him once more. Does anyone have a few words of comfort to share with me ?


  1. My personal belief is that in death, people’s spirit’s find truth and infinite happiness. I find it very hard to think that someone who has passed would be angry or sad with their former lives.
    Don’t let this hold you back, you need to let go of your guilt, as it’s not helpful, and there’s no need to enforce pain onto yourself.

  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your husband.A psychic will only suck money from you.They are all scam artists.
    I “talk” to those I’ve lost at night.I know they’re gone but just talking to memories of them is comforting.I know they’re gone and will never answer.
    You need to move on for the sake of you child and your own mental health.Its been three years,you’ve mourned enough.

  3. he describes your relationship as passionate, saying that whatever the emotion {generally anger} it was intsense… hes sorry for the stupid way he acted, and that he knows he was a douch-bag.. he still loves you though
    PS : does your child have an S name? cause i think it maybe samantha… or its just the age of your child.. im getting something with a seven…
    then again i could be completly wrong, i never tried to communicate with a person whose passed when im not with anyone theyre attached to…


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