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I need a negative energy spell?

Can I put a spell on a specific object or herb and hang it up to suck up all of the negativity in the area? What herb? What do I do?


  1. Just toke a little pot — that often has a way of reducing the negativity. And it’s a hell of a lot easier than coming up with some magic spell.

  2. ask god to cover your home with the blood of jesus, and cleanse your home, and cast out all evil. in the name of jesus. believe it and you will feel the energy difference

  3. Actually, there are things called witches balls, or witches bottles, which you generally just hang up in front of the door on the porch/ balcony, that acts like a dream catcher for bad energy, letting the good through but not the bad.
    You can buy them at any metaphysical store, but also, you can cleanse and charge a crystal to do that, too, and when it seems “full” to you, you can bury it or something.
    Read that. 🙂

  4. I don’t think you can.
    That would be a form of worldly wisdom or sorcery…
    As a Christian, if I sense negativity, I overcome it by speaking Gods Positive Truth over the negative lie.
    If it is a demon, I submit to God, resist the devil and the devil runs away. Sometimes I bind the demon in weights and throw it into the abyss to wait until judgment day; By the Power of Jesus Name.
    Because it is being destructive to me & mind, and why should I let it.
    Herbs don’t do anything. I have heard that bay leaves keep some bugs out of your cupboards though.
    In praying over property, Submit to God, and plead Jesus blood over you & yours. You can use anointing oil and anoint your home in Jesus Name. You can pray with others over your house. If the Lord directs you to toss out any occult material… throw it out. Demons hang on these things.
    Then also renew your mind in Gods Word. To know to speak Gods Positive Truth over the devils negative lie. Put on the full armour of God found in Ephesians6.

  5. Well of course! Do you have your herb chart? I would recommend you take your herb and perform a little spell on it and a ritual blessing in the house (which you use rosemary and holy water for). To rid the house of what is already in there. Then make the charm to prevent new from coming in. Make sure to hang the herb in doorways though to prevent the negativity from entering.

  6. To negate bad energy you could just burn some sage in the area and bless the area as you waft the smoke around. Sage is known to cleanse away evil by Native Americans and many other cultures.


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