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I need a good nonfiction book about auras and healing through them? I can see auras around everything I look ?

I can see auras around everything I look at, but I can’t see the color that well. I really need a training book on how to see them. I also need a book on how to heal through the aura. I have wanted to try healing, but I am afraid of causing something bad to happen to the person I’m trying to heal.
Please, don’t criticize me, just answer the question.
And I only make about $20 a week from babysitting because I am only 13, and I can go to Barnes and Noble and the Library.
I can see it around electronics really.
Not other stuff.
I know I can see them around people. I can feel it too, but I have a hard time seeing their color, and do not how to heal through them.
When my dad way laying down, he said he hurt, and i moved my hand over him. It was his head and his shoulder that felt different.
He had a headache and was diagnoced with percitus in his shoulders yesterday.
This happened on sunday.
Wholehearted and Misslady are the only people who acctually answered this question. What is it with people these days. They can’t stay on their own turf, and can’t even answer a simple question without putting in the opinion that the person who believes in something that they don’t is sick in the head?
And yes, I do pay attention in science. And yes I do pay attention i math, and am very good at it.
So just listen to me, and stop being such a skeptic.
And by the way, I didn’t know about the percitus or the headache while I did this. He told after I identified the spots that felt different from the rest.
Try these:
Just like an equation, whenever you take one side into account (science), you must take account of the other side (religion, paranormal, etc.).


  1. You would be wasting your money, auras are a new age scam, you really should see an eye doctor. Think about it, an aura is supposed to be a life force. Why would inanimate objects have a life force?
    I guess what I am saying is that what your describing is eye problems, not aura vision.
    Edit: Sorry I didn’t answer your question, or confirm that your vision problems are paranormal, but your vision problems have nothing to do with new age hocus pocus and it would be irresponsible for play into your delusion that your eyesight problems are a good thing.
    It is not my opinion that the “new age” concept of “auras” is a bunch of bunk. It just is. If you are seeing this stuff, it means you probably need glasses. Electronic equipment is not alive, it does not have auras, chakras, a soul or any of that stuff. This should cue you in on the fact that this is not paranormal, but a physical ailment which needs medical attention from an eye doctor.
    Please don’t listen to these “close-minded” believers. They want to believe everything is paranormal, even if the truth is obvious. Listen to the skeptics, we have an open mind and are willing to listen to the evidence, but if the evidence says one thing we aren’t going to believe another thing despite it. Believers are the ones who will not open their eyes to the truth, they simply want to confirm their beliefs regardless of the facts.

  2. Books are not always useful in teaching you a practical subject: I find that you do not always to get a great result from cookery books. Learning from another person is much better, as you do at school.
    At your age, growing up and changing it is possible that you do have gifts, but it is better, though boring, to wait till you are grown up and settled before exploring any psychic and/or healing ability. Then you should have the experience and maturity to choose your own books and to go around and try some (respectable) groups who can help your development. Some of healing may be due to electrical type energy, which is effective in the smae way as TENS machines help control pain and electricity may aid bone healing.

  3. the answer about it being a scam is 100% incorrect. aura’s do exist around us all. you are right. there are many books. ted andrew’s books are good. go to barnes and noble and go to the new age section.
    look at several and pick the one you like best. please don’t let anyone discourage you about this. blessings, r

  4. Well, you really can save your money, because you can find tons of information on the internet, and it’s all free. Trying searching for aura, healing, and Reiki. But I agree… take it slow. The spiritual world is a big place and a lot comes with it. You don’t want to end up opening Pandora’s box and ending up with things you don’t know how to handle.

  5. Dont listen to these skeptics on here. If what you are describing is true then it is an amazing ability that you should pursue to help others. God gave it to you for a reason. Utilize it. Healing has alot more to do than just auras. IYou need to learn about chakras and meridians, how our energy centers work and how you can use prana(lifeforce) to heal other by directing it through the meridians to an afflicted area. I think that before you seek to help other you must clear yourself first. Eat the right food, think the right thoughts. You have to have a clean aura yourself in order to use energy to help others. Here is the link to a metaphysical school that teaches much about the science behind these thigs and how they work. I have gained so much knowledge from them and I think its what your may be looking for. Or you can go to your local barnes and nobles and they have books on this topic there. Good luck. I would like to add to the guy further up that thr reason inanimate objects have auras is becuase everything has life. From blood cells to atoms. Atoms make up the rock so the rocks have a lifeforce. They just dont seem alive but they are in their own way. Even the earth is an organism.

  6. If you are seeing auras then you have a medical condition. Could be a form of epilepsy, visual system disorder or a brain disorder. I suggest a visit to the doctor. You should at least do this to discount any medical problem.
    Keep in mind aura healing is never been shown to be legitimate – it is a from of quackery. If it was real, it would be in widespread use in every hospital, and big business would be all over it. It defies all science.
    However, if it turns out you can in fact perform aura healing, there is one million dollars available for you with James Randi’s paranormal challenge at http://www.randi.org
    EDIT: Yes it’s important to take all sides into account. But you must know where to draw the line. If someone claims flying pink unicorns exist, are you going to believe them because science can’t explain them, so it must be paranormal therefore they exist? Or would you ask for – evidence??

  7. Gary and wushu are right, the other answers have the potential to cause great harm if you have an untreated medical condition or if you think you can heal by wishful thinking and waving your arms about instead of encouraging people to seek proper treatment.
    Things like rocks and stereos are not alive.
    “Life is a state that distinguishes organisms from non-living objects, such as non-life, and dead organisms. Living organisms are capable of growth and reproduction”
    You may also like to watch this video of a man who claims to be able to see auras through a screen but when tested finds that he can’t.
    No one yet has been able to prove that they are seeing auras when they undergo a proper test.
    You are telling us that you live with a person that has a problem with their shoulder that is bad enough to have to see a doctor about it but you had no idea until you passed your magical hand over it? You didn’t notice him not moving his arm much or that it was bothering him?

  8. I hope you won’t be misled by the mystics. Wushu, Jonquill and Gary gave you good, solid and rational answers. “Seeing” auras is 1 part optical illusion (retinal fatigue), 1 part faith, and 1 part power of suggestion (throw in a dash of eye health problems, that can happen too). For example, if you believe you have healing ability, you’re subconsciously going to trick yourself to believe you “feel” something when you move your hand over the parts of your dad’s body that you know are hurting. Of course you knew your dad was feeling pain, else why did you do your hand wave thing? If you’re around someone experiencing a bad headache it’s almost impossible not to become aware of it. They usually give pretty clear signs of it.
    You’re only 13, but 13 is a good time to start thinking about how the world really works, what are good reasons for accepting a claim and what are bad reasons, and what are the consequences of accepting mysticism over science. Remember the Dark Ages? That’s mysticism instead of science. Mysticism leads people to say silly things such as atoms are alive (they are not), that rocks are alive (they are crystalline mineral substances), or that the earth itself is a living organism (too silly to rebut). If you’ve had science classes in school and paid attention, you know these statements are nonsensical. See what I mean? We don’t want to go back to the Dark Ages again.
    EDIT: Science and paranormal/religion/faith are not two sides of one equation. That kind of idea was one reason why we had the Dark Ages. Scientific investigation and mysticism are mutually exclusive modes of attempting to gain knowledge. They are altogether different “equations”, using your math analogy. When you mix them together, you get a metaphysical mush that only provides confusion.

  9. Auras can be caused by epilepsy or other brain conditions that effect your sight. There is also auras that can be seen because people are spiritually evolved.
    If you have just started seeing auras then id probably get checked out by the doctors incase somethings wrong. If you have been born with this or have been practising spirituality for many years then it is possible you could have gained auric site from this .. however im skeptical. Ghosts could be involved.
    This link has much information on spiritual matters. Create an account and you can ask for help, your questions will be recieved by spiritual seekers and answered pronto.

  10. I read a book somewhere, where it talked about auras. I have a difficult time seeing some auras and then, out of nowhere, I see a strong aura. Not a joke, but Obama is one that I see beyond his face and he gets no more attention that that. The book stated that like a blind spot in the eye–look a little off center and try not to concentrate too hard. the color will come in flashes and after a while, you will have developed that macula in your eye and taught your brain to process theinformation more quickly. You are a novice. Nothing wrong with that. Again, ask for protection… an evil spirit knows that you see their evil and they seek you out before you know that they are evil…… they hang on you like cancer, and like everyone’s suggestion, you have to command them to “get yee behind me, Satan”……. You want nothing to do with them…. they lose their power and fade away. Practice with a safe heart and mind. Sometimes, evil comes in a white aura….. it’s not like tv. They are evil hiding behind a lamb….. or a man hiding behind a cross. Always remember that.

  11. A copy of “Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi, is available on http://www.amazon.com for 1 penny plus S & H.
    This is an excellent book.
    Also worthwhile: “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, for color and symbol information.
    http://www.dreamhealer.com is another worthwhile source, as are
    “Psychoenergetic Science,” Dr. William A. Tiller, http://www.tiller.org
    “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi,
    “Light Is a Living Spirit” and “Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres,” O. M. Aivanhov, http://www.prosveta.com
    “Autobiography of a Yogi,” Yogananda
    “Life before Life,” Jim Tucker, M.D.,
    “Babies Remember Birth,” David Chamberlain, Ph.D.,
    “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock, http://www.divinecosmos.com

  12. Sorry i cannot answer your question – but i’d just like to defend you a little.
    To those sayin Aura’s are a scam or eye damage – scientists have proved that aura’s DO exist for EVERYONE but can’t explain what they are. Their closest theory is it’s body radiation that’s made because the make-up of atoms we have.
    The use of Aura’s for healing and other such things is still in question, admittingly, but Aura’s existance is completely real.

  13. Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light might be useful. She’s written at least one other book, too. This lady says she has seen auras all her life.
    Also, you might look into Reiki, healers who use life energy to heal.
    Look in your public library for books. Inter-library loan is useful.
    Also do research on the internet.

  14. So did Vincent van Gogh, and he painted what he saw. Take a look at some of his paintings, they may seem familiar.
    He had cataracts, an eye condition common in older folks. I see auras, too, but only with my left eye as they replaced the lens in my right eye with a plastic lens that works perfectly.
    I hope your dad’s bursitus gets better. Does he know about Glucosamine sulfate? It works for me.

  15. HAHA all you skeptics are wrong i personally see aura’s all the time and by the way your not born with it, everyone can do it. (it easier for some people) so I’m getting off topic. First off, you’ve discovered how to aura sense and the way your supposed to heal through auras is actually a real practice, I’ve been practicing healing on myself for some while now, if you want to heal other people look up “reiki” the art of healing. (Nothing is impossible just hard. And by the way if you want to read up on reiki good luck because about 20 pages long)
    Hope this helps

  16. Ok its like this .… you are going to have the Skeptics throwing in their two cents and really that’s all their opinions are worth is 2 cents. As for why doctors don’t utilize healing techniques .… well quite simple .… they would put themselves out of business. Why would we need doctors if they cured us?? Lets really stop and think about this for a minute. Why do they give us Antibiotics and other drugs when natural herbs can and has been proven over and over again to heal us faster? Why do they give us drugs that often cause more complications? Why do they cut and basically mutilate us when so many problems can be treated through Massage and reiki … and working on the Chakras .… These skeptics are annoying and probably don’t believe we are souls/spirits but just bodies that when we die that’s it. Let them stay believing that … their loss .… Auras are real … you can have your photo taken one end of the world and go to another and get one taken from someone totally unrelated with no knowledge of your pther photo and they will come out very similar if not identical depending on you staying the same … health wise, emotionally. Keep researching and pay these peabrained skeptics no mind. They are not going to help you … just try to pull you down and rip you apart .… most likely workers for the dark angel … satan … and not even know it or if they do completely deny it. If you are becoming aware AWESOME.


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