I misinterpreted the situation, I think I became enlightened. How does it feel when you've become enlightened?

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I’m 16, cut me some slack.
Few minutes ago I said I converted to a Christian but I believe actually became enlightened. Not the buddhist way. Just the meaning of the word without the strings attached to the belief. And no, you do not become enlightened just by meditating, like I said no beliefs attached to the word for me.
How does it feel when one has become enlightened?
I’m probably still a confused ‘sheeple’ but whatever. Just trying to find my own ways.
Lol @ CyberCommie 😀

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Yes you have pecome enlightened.
Go to http://www.billygraham.org and follow the steps to peace


If you felt enlightened, you were enlightened. It is a unique experience. When it happens, you KNOW it has happened. It is a bit like banging your head unexpectedly and temporarily knocking yourself out – you certainly know it has happened.
Congratulations – but now you need to remain in a state of grace, otherwise your feeling of being enlightened will soon be replaced by a feeling of worldliness.


Aaaah, Grasshopper.
You should not dwell upon your new found enlightenment little one, it is running with the wind, as free as the rain and as wide as the sea.
Be still and know you are as one with the multiverse in all its glory.
The universe is not a bad place when you are as enlightened as what I is.

Bajan Princess =]

what are you reallt trying to say? i am sorry but i do not understand.


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