I might be a shaman. What is my next step?

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I have knowledge about the spiritual world, a ot more than the common man. And i gained this knowledge suddenly. And this was before i started looking this up. Every day its becoming clearer that i’m not the average person. But i need someone to talk to who also has this knowledge and powers who can confirm this

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Me too!
We should totally team up and defeat lord Voldemort before he destroys the world!

Butterfly Christie Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Grow yourself some really long hair, fill your house with incense and start dressing like a hippie.


I have found the dry cleaners does a really great job


having knowledge does not make a shaman. every one has knowledge of the spiritual world. you just might be psychic

Everard G

“I might be a shaman. What is my next step?”
If you were, you’d know; you don’t; you aren’t.

\/\/3b |

I practice my own form of shamanism, but it’s mine and may not be able to help you in what you need. The following site may be a good starting place for you though:
And with all due respect to Everard, sometimes learning is part of the path.

Paul B

Get a tee shirt with “I am a shaman” printed on it.

Boɳɛs, Ɍεαpurr Kittεh

Die. [Face death]
And no, I’m not trying to be a dick…. that’s actually what traditional shamans did, they had near death experiences as a result of grave illness or of doing something courageous that put them in harms way.
You might want to do more research before claiming to be a shaman, otherwise people are just going to think you are a loon. Maybe study the indigenous beliefs of your own culture as a start? You aren’t going to find what you are looking for on the internet.


Find a shawoman and create a whole lot of shalets

Scott D.

what have you been snorting?

Nicole P

Don’t listen to everyone on here. They are just jerks that should be ashamed of themselves for treating another human being so negativly. My uncle on my dads side was a shaman. My grandma on my mothers side is a psycic. Does that mean I’m a shaman? No, not necessarily. I’ve always been very spiritually connected and no that doesn’t mean I’m a loon. I am actually Catholic, but Joan of arc (who happens to be my confirmation saint) claimed to see God and he told her to lead an army in war and they wound up winning the war because of it. yes, everyone thought she was crazy, but she did it. The person who said you’re not going to find the answer on the internet is correct. Its something you must find in life. Try meditation for answers. My uncle always said 46 days of meditation, no less. It will connect you even more witht eh spiritual world. At first you will see things, horrible things to people you care about, those are just emotions. Youll know when they are visions. Don’t ever stop something you see in a vision from happening though cause it can prevent the process of life. trust in who you are. Everything will work out. And don’t let what anyone else say effect you, they are just new souls. We aren’t meant to have all the answers all we can do is try. I’m not a hippie I’m a normal teen girl who is an old soul.


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