Home Discussion Forum i meditate 5 times a day?

i meditate 5 times a day?

i do zazen meditation for 20 minutes (planning on doing it for 1 hr someday), then i follow it up with the OM mantra meditation, having my eyes closed while looking up between the middle of my brows for 20 minutes while doing long deep breathing (also planning on practicing it for 1 hour someday)
then in the evening, i practice sodarshan chakra kriya for 11 minutes planning on doing it for 2 1/2 hours
and at night i finish my day with the zazen and om meditation
im planning on taking up chen style tai chi lessons
i was wondering, are these meditations going to build my chi?


    • OOOOh the force! yes, chi is much like the force. Also known as prana, ki, orgone(for some of you not familiar, it is Wilhelm Reich’s work). Many people have harnessed it and are able to describe it in detail. I am such a person. To harness it I practice tree hugging meditation right now for 15 minutes at night, and yes am going to increase it to 1 hour eventually. I have done 1 hour a day morning and 1 hour night before. At that time I also practiced breathing meditation and focused on doing so at all times of the day. I must say that was the greatest..and scariest experience, which is why I stopped for that time. I am back to that practice now, and will continue to increase my overall energy.(chi prana, orgone, whatever you wish to call it)

  1. Chen Tai Chi uses Zang Zhaung meditation. Itll be taught to u once u start taking classes. Chen Tai Chis Nei Gung will be taught to u when ur ready. Just find a good sifu. Good luck

  2. I don’t know about other Tai Chi classes but as far as I can tell everything Teacher tells us to do develops the legs, back and stomach while promoting looseness in the shoulders and arms. Between this and developing understanding and intent in our movements I have yet to see, in my limited experience, any training that treats chi as some sort spiritual force we channel. In my experience chi is treated as the energy we build up after many hours over many years of training. That energy comes from many places, none of them magical.
    I do however find the visualization of chi as some sort of energy very helpful while doing Qi Gong. I find it a useful focal point that keeps me from rushing though my exercises or getting distracted. Keeps me focused on my body.

    • Yes, chi is not magical, and doesn’t have to be seen as mystical either. It is a field like all other fields. Even modern science recognizes the existence of energy fields around living things and non living. Those fields can be manipulated and more. Emotion= energy in motion


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