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I looked into my crystal ball and don't see me getting sick in the future, so I don't need Health Insurance ?

How about you? Did you see into the future too and decide that you or your kids will never have an illness so serious that your Insurance won’t cover it and the next guy won’t insure your pre-existing condition?
Question: How is your Crystal Ball doing? Are you going to go over your lifetime cap on your Insurance???


  1. My crystal ball says I should be responsible for my own family and not my neighbors. If I wanted to marry my neighbor and pay for her healthcare, I would have done that.

  2. I suspect nobody’s crystal balls work since no one said a peep about how we could avoid the economic mess we’ve been in since October of 2007.

  3. Go get in line anyway the system will be run so poorly and take so long that by the time you get to the front of the line some thing is bound to be wrong with you!!!

  4. no one ever thinks they are going to become sick. And the majority of the people can self fund most things. It is the unforeseen catastrophes that bankrupt people. Accidents, cancer, etc…

  5. My crystal ball says it is my choice, teh same way a women deciding to kill her unborn baby is her choice.
    End of story.

  6. My Crystal ball lied its butt off when I was diagnosed with cancer at 24 and had no warning symptoms. Thank god I didn’t believe my crystal ball and had insurance.

  7. At least with private insurance I’ll have control over what’s covered on my policy and what’s not. Try getting that with gov’t.
    I’d rather live in a world where I might die because I didn’t prepare well enough for the future than a world wherein others are forced at the point of a gun to take care of me. Think I’m embellishing? Try not paying your taxes…
    Further, if these are the only two reason that you support this government health care albatross – then why not just legislate against caps and discrimination based upon pre-existing conditions? Why allow government complete control of your health? Then they’ll really have ya by the balls. Just look what they’ve done to EVERY thing else they get their hands into.


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