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i like this guy. but he seems to be avoiding me. what should i do?

he is really cute, smart, and athletic! tons of other girls like him too, but he doesent really go out with anybody. he doesent hang out with the rest of the gang either. he is always avoiding me, i dont even stalk him or anything. i barely see him or talk to him. i dont really like him that much, but i hate it when there is unsettled air. i definately cant talk to him or any sort. i hate feeling like the phyco-stalker-bitch that he is avoiding. what can i do to not feel or seem like the pyhco-stalker-bitch?


  1. just casually ask him how he is when you see him, dont go after him but just if hes there, just act like you would if you guys were really good friends;) like its no big deal talking to him coz its normal, it will then also get normal after a while!

  2. it’s just normal if you like somebody, you think of him like very minute….just focus yourself on other things and talk other stuff


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