I know what an Aura is but how can some people see them?

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How can I see an aura if I wanted to?
Do I have to do some sort of training?
Anything else you can tell me about auras would be good. 🙂

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Some can see auras easier than others. I’m not much of a ‘seer’ and have a hard time seeing them unless I really practice. I can, however, feel them (I’m an empath). There are ways to train your eyes, I’ll include a good link.
do you remember those ‘magic eye’ books where you’d have to look ‘through’ the picture to see the picture? you use the same eye muscles to see auras.

Mr. Teardrops

I have no idea, but I do have an aura, I was told many times that I have one 🙂 Last time somebody told me that I have an aura was my new hairdresser! I’m pretty sure that I was born with an aura, you cannot develop one, it’s a gift that people are blessed with. You don’t see it, you FEEL it.


Autumn, glad to see someone else can’t see them well but can feel them strongly.
An aura will be generated from the emotions and motives and thoughts of the person you look at. Either you will see it or feel it.
I don’t so much see an aura as much as I get an impression of a color when I look at a person or their photograph. By that, I mean I look at them and concentrate, and a color comes to mind. Some colors are dangerous (maroon). Some are neutral (blue). Some draw me like a moth to a flame (pink/purple).
One way I’ve heard to actually see them is to stare at someone, then close your eyes and visualize the outermost color left from the retinal stimulation. Another way is to see someone in dim light and look at their core, and use your periphery to see what color is around them.


Here’s a link to an article all about Auras. It explains how to see them and what the colours mean too.

Donna F

it would be hard to see auras if you werent born with the ability but you can meditate with a white candle but if you do get this ability you might end up been able to see spirits but dont worry about it if you do 🙂 hope this helps 🙂


I knew a person that can see aura. I think that’s more of a gift than training. She said in runs in her family. I THINK doctors use auras by some kind of program but im not sure.


You can also “hear” auras. If you train yourself to “hear” them, you will be able to turn your back to a person and still “hear” the aura in their voice. Just listen to the “pitch” of the voice and how LONG it takes the person to answer you. The “stalling” of speech, even momentarily, is a sign of a lower vibration. Or, if the pitch “breaks” or “changes” unexpectedly, then this is also of sign of a “lower” vibration. If the voice DOESN’T “break” or “change” or “stall” then the vibration is “higher”.
Give it a try by turning your back or closing your eyes and you will soon discover this is pretty easy to do. You can practice even over a cell phone (you can’t see the person) so you can REALLY tune in to the other person’s voice. It’s fun!
Be Blessed!!


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