I know this is a dumb question but is Yoga a Religion?

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I know this is a dumb question but is Yoga a Religion?

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refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines


Nope, it is a series of stretches and mode of physical fitness. You can add some new age, hippie meditation, mantra stuff to anything if you like and call it a religion.
Yoga is really good for flexibility and warm ups and cool downs for workouts and sports.
There are no bikram yoga churches. Every once and a while you will find a guy in orange or yellow pajamas driving a German luxury sedan who will claim to be a yoga master you should worship.
Watch out for that guy. People who ‘believe’ in him are the reason he can afford a mansion and a German luxury sedan.


that is a dumb question


yoga is a part of Hinduism. Yoga is not a religion it is the systems to attain sanctification. Examples: the exercise yoga is called hatha yoga and the devotional yoga is called bhakti. There are five or six different yoga systems in hinduism.


No, yoga is a type of excersize. That’s like implying martial arts is a religion.


In Indian culture there has been a strong link with health, philosophy and religion. So Yoga is useful for physical and mental wellbeing but having spiritual guidelines. The yoga positions are exercises but can be done with awareness towards the deities honoured by these positions eg Salute to the Sun.


It’s a Hindu practice that supposed to help achieve Moksha, but it’s not a religion in itself, but has become an exercise in the US. It’s technically just stretching, which studies have shown that stretching out a certain muscle for more than 1 minute is completely and utterly useless. So, unless your Hindu, yoga is a complete waste of time.

Truth Seeker

Yoga = Religion
Yoga is an Indian sanskrit word, means the union of man and god (Soul and Spirit)
Re+ligare(Greek word) =Religion ligare= to join, religare =to join again (man and God)
So Religion meant the union of man and God
Yoga meant the same
Yoga and religion are the same in sense.


Well, Yoga means “union” and it’s several methods of reaching God.
Hatha Yoga is the one most Westerners understand, which is physical culture to prepare the mind and body for wholeness and health.
Bhakti Yoga is loving God, being devoted to Him, worshipping Him. Christians are doing this without even knowing it’s Hinduism.
Karma Yoga is reaching God through good works and right attitudes, and Christians are also doing this one.
Jnana Yoga is the intellectual search for God, and Christian scholars, philosophers, and perhaps even Atheists are exploring this path.
Raja Yoga is usually associated with meditation, and Christians are also doing this one.
The most wonderful explanations of these paths were written by Vivekananda at the turn of the 20th Century, and just entitled with the name of the Yoga as “Raja Yoga” or “Jnana Yoga” etc.


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