Home Discussion Forum I know the ninjitsu on naruto isn't real but is chakra real.?

I know the ninjitsu on naruto isn't real but is chakra real.?

I mean can it really heal people. And can it increase your strenght and speed if so what is a good website to research it.


  1. Reikki is real (chakra cleansing to heal the body). I know this because I’ve had it done to me and I’ve done it for others. Chakras don’t heal you specifically, they are the energy fields connected to each part of your brain and body. Cleansing them helps heal the physical body.

  2. I’m pretty sure they got chakra off of chii :] Which is similar… they just exaggerate it on naruto
    I have a copy of a historical book (or rather my father) that has old records and evidence that there were high uses of chii for some martial arts practices long time ago. For example, there was one about a boulder by a abandoned training quarters where the boulder was penetrated through and through straight across and in different angles–some didn’t go all the way through. At the end of those that only went midway they extracted cracked pebbles. Pretty intresting if you ask me.
    All this was pretty much destroyed throughout time… those who learned it only passed it down to their children (males only) or to people they sincerely believed to be like their own child (male). (This was because back then there was much inner clan-guild wars so techniques had to be kept in secrecy). But then sometimes the masters of the techniques would have only daughters or die before completely passing it on so by our time it was totally extinct.
    Unfortunately the copy I have is in Chinese to Korean translated. Title is in Korean as well :< (which I can't seem to type onto here...) Hope this helped!


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