Home Discussion Forum I know Islam religion prohibit from Lottery,but how about Buddhism,Taoism,Hinduism,Christianity?

I know Islam religion prohibit from Lottery,but how about Buddhism,Taoism,Hinduism,Christianity?

Why they still bet on lottery including Buddhist devotees,Christian Devotees ,Hindu devotees and Taoist devotees somemore some of them go and ask lottery number from their Gods and pray to their Gods they will win the number and promise to pay back in return


  1. okay …it is peoples choice ..they are free to make a decision , no matter Islam , Buddhism,Taoism,Hinduism,Christianity .

  2. No idea. Maybe they do not believe in their own religion. There are also Muslims who still betting on lottery though it is haram for them to do so.

  3. No.1: there is no agency like JAIS to catch non-Muslim from buying lottery.
    No.2: gambling is just an entertainment if you know that it is the banker the one has high probability to win the game.
    No. 3: buying 4d is just my hobby, and I know how to control this habit.I won’t let gambling causes my wife and children don’t have enough food and education funding.
    We must realize that over-gambling can cause social problem to our society.

  4. Please correct me if I’m wrong, every religion (with all due respect) prohibit the activity of lottery as it was also considered as gambling. Although betting in lottery is wrong according to most religion, we can still see people at the lottery outlet buying the lottery ticket. Why?
    The answer is simple, when a human being is created, he/she is given two things; mind and heart. Sometime people make decision using their mind and vice versa (using their heart). Therefore even if they know (using their mind) that the action (lottery betting) they are going to take is wrong or prohibited by their religion (with all due respect), they still wanted do it simply because during that moment their heart is more dominant than their mind. This only a about mind vs heart.
    It is their own decision, they were forced by nobody to bet in lottery number.
    The above answer has no element and sentiment of seditious and racial ,and it is just a question to get feedback from the Yammers ,no ulterior political motive .and
    no offense to any party or any group and religion or race.


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