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I know I can read auras, so…?

…what can I do with it? I mean, I know I can look at people and understand what they’re feeling, but what else can I do with it? Thanks for the help! 🙂
And by that I mean, will I be able to see ghosts or anything? I can see things in the corners of my eyes, but ya know. xD


  1. whats my aura ???
    seriously i wann kno lol 🙂
    and u can use it like ull know if someones unhappy and u csan ask why and fix it 😀
    so back to my first questtion
    Whats my aura???

  2. Aura seeing is a great gift, I’ve been trying to get it for months but haven’t succeeded yet. I don’t know what else you can do with it, probably a whole bunch of stuff.


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