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i know DMT is illegal but all my life i have seen auras around objects and people and i wonder ?

if it relates to the amount of DMT my body perdouces naturaly during REM sleep.


  1. “Also, this leads to the idea that the alien abduction phenomenon could be produced by high levels of endogenous DMT in the human body, and that it might be a physiological condition that could pass genetically to the descendants of such people. (see Abduction phenomenon).”
    DMT is only suspected to influence dreams, near-death experiences and claimed alien abductions (with this DMT produced naturally by the body during metabolism or ingested by normal foods), but auras may also be a caused by high DMT levels.
    Go see your doctor and ask about your condition. Mention DMT and they may be able to do blood tests for chemical levels of DMT (or other methods) or provide more answers.

  2. You mean you think your ability to see auras is drug induced? Maybe you just have a clearer perception of energy than most people. Don’t try to rationalize it because you may not like the answer.

  3. DMT is the craziest drug I have ever taken. Seroiusly. But yes, your body produces naturally, but I doubt it effects you in your waking day. You could ask a doctor though.

  4. Large doses of DMT put you into another World. I guess it is slightly possible that this is the problem though.
    As far as I know the DMT released into your blood stream when you dream goes away fairly quickly upon waking up.
    Have you used a lot of hallucinogens? I used to take a lot of LSD, Salvia Divinorum, psylocibins, and I have done DMT. During this time (and for a year or two after) even when I was sober I would see some weird colors and such. So if you take a lot this could be another reason.
    I you see any other visual distortions and are not on drugs please see a doctor as it could be a brain issue.


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