I keep seeing the number 69 everywhere?

Seriously. Like on the clock, 6:09 PM. And when I’m reading a book I’ll look down to the bottom of the page and it’ll be page 69, or 169, or 269. And I was born on June 9th! And I have this jar with 69 M&Ms in it. My meal came to $69.00 yesterday. Then my boyfriend texted me like “69?”. Why am I seeing this number everywhere? Is it a sign of a spiritual awakening? It’s really freaking me out!!
PS Before this I was seeing the number 420 everywhere!

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Born 6-9-’69 and since meeting my twin flame last year I see the number 69 almost everywhere. No matter how hard i try to avoid it, it just keeps popping up everywhere. I think it’s about letting go of the old and spiritual awakening, as I can’t come up with something else. Glad to read that I’m not the only one.


Hello evrybody, I m happy I m not the only one.but can some one tell me if therer somthing new.


I have the same problem, I see 69 like everywere, it started like more then 6months ago, at firstI was seeing 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89…numbers with 9 at the end, and I was like, why its number 9 followin me. Then I met my Twin fame, from that day I see 69 everywere, everyday, on the battery of my phone, on cars, price, my grade at the end of my university year was 9.6. My Twin told me at that moment that it has to mean smtg, and after a few days I accidentaly found a site where u can find ur destiny number…I calculated and my number was 6…At that moment I didnt think on calculating the number of my Twin Flame, after a few days I see the same site…and I was ohh lets calculate the number of him. I put his birthday and when I saw that his destiny number its 9 I was like omg omg omg…omg we are 69. Before you met your twin or soulmate, Angels give you signs, this was my sign that ill met him, my 9 number, who complete the 69.
The numbers are to make ppl awere that they on the good path. Love and Light.


this number 69 has been folloingme sround aswel since me and my ex broke up . I feel like this nuber only represents good to me .living the 69 life … wow glad im not the only one.


69 all over in my daily life. I was born on 1969 as well. Getting crazy


I am same , born in 1969 and seeing 69 everywhere since I started to look more into my spiritual side.


I need answers now! It’s freaking me out me and my friend have this curse thing and I am slowly going crazy from it I want tot to stop.

Time Effect

Does this mean that you actually counted the M&M’s?


yep, the mind sees what it wants

George M

Sounds weird. Usually It’s kinda difficult for me to actually see 69 from my angle.

CorruptedSpirit,VT, AM Associate

maybe you have the unconscious desire to engage in a “69”


Well hey, good news is you can write the third movie for “The Number 23” series after “The Number 46”.

Senior Imprisoned Correspondent

I think you are high/horny. Stop that.

Frank S

Oh my God!
You need sex very soon. Message me – I could possibly help you out!

Critical Thinker

Im think of buying a “69” t-shirt to wear at the gym. I love that number…

I'm naked on the floor

Because the lord wants you to do 69 with a girl.

Captain Jimmy 666

Looks like you might be in a certain position quite soon.

I love him

Umm I really think your mind may be in the gutter.
you are either a
A) a desperate virgin
B) haven’t had it in a while
C) get your mind out of the gutter

harry potter forever {wrock]

maybe it means the end of the universe! on the show “doctor who”, Rose kept seeing “bad wolf” everywhere and it meant the end of the universe.


lol ur homo

Adam F

That’s because you keep looking for it.
You’d be surprised at what you can find if you keep your eyes open.


So you’re wanted more 69-ing action.
Before that, you were wanting some weed.

galactic_bodhisattva - SGI

Confirmation bias. How many times do you look around and the number isn’t there? You only notice when it is, not when it isn’t.
Good luck with your obsession. Good thing its not 23 or you’d really be in trouble.


Sex and drugs…
Would you consider this a spiritual awakening? 🙂

victimless criminal

just 69 and get over it…

Noki N

No kidding! I keep seeing the number 23… Im born on june 23!

Questions Are Fun =)

Same with u long time ago, cept the number for me was 666 …weird huh meh I just stopped caring

alhan k

there was a time, each time i would look into the clock it would be 11:11
and i was so freaked out, what if it was a death sign or somethingggg hahaha
anyways, thats freaky for you, itll go away sometime dont worry


what did you eat for 69.00. I sure hope you were with someone else. Are you sure it isnt the number 666 u r seeing.

Mabel B

every time i look at a digital clock, it seems to say “11.11”. Its weird!


ok 420 is marijuana culture if you smoke of ever have, you start noticing it, i’ve been seeing alot of twentys, on my clock, but that’s cause i smoke, and if your boyfriend sent you that, then your not freaking out, he’s the freak lol, but ask god to show you, that’s what i did and i’m still gettin’ answers


Yes. It is a message from the divine to do 69.

Mojo Jojo

we always long for things we can never get
loose some weight i guess. Maybe u’ll get lucky

Kikina B

$69 for a meal? Wasn’t that kinda expensive? What did you eat? email me. I wan’t to know.

die for metal

who care’s !!!!!


Sounds like your going to get lucky sailor.


Well despite all of the jokes and comments above…I know exactly what you’re going through. I have been seeing this number everywhere for the past 9 months, I don’t look out for it…it seems to follow me! Like everytime I go on Facebook there will be 69 friends online, everytime I get a txt or delete txts it will be on 69, 169, 369 etc. My best friend recently moved into a new flat and the number is 369. I went to visit my boyfriends parents and they lived at number 69…omg! It’s so strange!! Everytime I go shopping the bill will come to £69 or something and 69p, Everytime I look at the time it is 6.09 or 16.09. At first I was really freaked out by this number, but now I’m trying to think of it as a positive thing and hopefully something good is gonna come of it x


everiwhere…and i stayed on house num 69…i see..AMOUNT 69 and bus number plate num…time…signs…hoarding board…everiwhere..its like as if a force mystical force is dragging me to see these things…
I Read a bible and came to know mind sees what it wants to see…but my will doesnt wants to see this then y i m seeing i don want too is ssumtin sum force preventing my free will??
yinyang represent 69 …and i seem to find everi simalarity in it that i imagined…




i have the same problem! and i was born on december 9th! its so weird!!!!


I SEE IT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!! i also see the numbers 11.11 or 11.1 everywere aswell


Me too, exactly….. 69 and 1.11 or 11.11
What does it mean?


Hello my name is Aaron. And I too am a witness to this happening. I no longer view it as strange because I totally understand what it means. If you notice 69 looks exactly like the Yin and Yang symbol. Both shapes of the sphere look like both of these numbers. They look as though they are spinning in a constant circular motion. Symbolising Chaos or Balance. So I beleive when ever someone sees this more than once its showing you the chaos that is within you or the balance. If you feel at piece when ever you see these numbers then your life and mind, body and spirit are in harmony. If you feel like life is pulling you apart then you should strive for balance. Either way the balance within you exsist you just have to look within to find it.


I started seeing the number 69 two years ago this June 9th. I met this guy who I fell more in love with than I’ve ever been with anyone in my entire life and he left me just as quickly as he came. After he disappeared weird coincidences started happening involving the number and I came to ignore them. Then I started telling my friend that something really bad was going to happen on June 9th and her friends father committed suicide. I’m still debating on whether or not I should try to locate Kevin the reason why I started seeing the number in the first place. Just be careful and try not to think about or bad things can happen because this is a true account coming from a 16 year old girl who will forever be afraid of June 9th for the rest of her life I had a dream one time though that it is supposed to be my lucky number, but in no way is my friends father committing suicide lucky


i see the # 69 all the time too, it drives me crazy. if anyone figures out what it means let me know!


THIS IS getting me INSANE like everytime i see one i now take a pic of it and ill do a colage or something its soooo enoying like EVERYWHERE I LOOK. my friend said it was a sign o.O

medo alkishi

is your zodiac sign Libra ? coz my brother and i see it as well and we’re both Libra


My zodiac symbol is Libra too, and I see the number 69 like 691839201 times a day


I too have been seeing it everywhere. I believed it was linked to the well being of my career & life, while yet, I’ve not seen any real significant success from it, except more hope & anger. In actuality, I’ve seen more negativity & loss wean as a result of seeing these digits so often, so be warned. It’s as if life is constantly taking away in order for us to gain, and it’s to the point now, that I hate that I asked for success. In all honesty, the digits likely mean that you will both gain & lose. But, I would n’t take it to heart. Get out there and believe in yourself, & make happen, what you desire. If there is a God or angels, I think they laugh & scoff at us. I really do.


i see 69 a lot recently . what took me all the way back here is i thought to myself maybe this is another phenomenon like 11:11. so started to google it and i came across this site http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/2011/07/angel-number-69.html
which seem to makes a perfect sens to me . i just wanted to share this with you guys.


This is so creepy, I was born on 19th of June and I keep seeing both the numbers on the clock, 6:09, 6:19, 6:29, 6:39….every time I look at the time it’s this much! Why is 69 always following me?? I always thought it’s my lucky number but now it’s really scary! I thought that when I make this search I would not find anyone like me and surprisingly found all these people with the same problem! This is weird. And I think I’m going crazy.



osika playgurung

did i mention i was born june 29th???

osika playgurung

I’m so scared reading your posts and i have no relationship so does that mean i might have one i need answers i think i think i’m freaking out… :C

Dylan Smith

I’m really scared too now. I keep seeing 69 on my iPad battery. I just ignore it though, thinking that it’s just because I’m deliberately looking for it. After seeing these comments I think I’m going to have a bad life ahead of me even though I’m extremely satisfied with it.


same I have. . help me

Nelson Silva

A year ago i started thinking about coming back to london and came across a crazy and not so good relationship … soon after i started seeing 69 at first on my phone battery and then everywhere i went and looked… the relationship was tiring and crazy bad… a few months later i came back to the uk and met an amazing woman…the type of woman i was looking for… obviously tried to deny it but i couldnt help myself… i broke up with my girl friend and 69 appeared about half the time than before… on the day i kissed my future wife it stopped… havnt seen 69 since… its a sign that you HAVE to change or you might aswell die because its not your life your living… i think it means get on your own track in life… karma ?? You get what you deserve… thank you for reading.. i hope this helps someone find their way…


Hi Nelson, what you have described is exactly what’s been happening to me for the past 3 years..a crazy bad relationship with someone who is totally inconsistent and completely drains my energy. I see 69 everywhere, as you said..phone battery, car registrations, receipts, t-shirts, dates, etc. every single day!! This started happening shortly after I started seeing this person and I have been trying to make the relationship work for the past 3 years, despite the constant arguments. I also tried to ignore 69 and even interpret it as a positive sign but reading your post today has convinced me that I need to get rid of this rlationship… So, thanks.


i see 69 , 96 every where & I was born on June 9th, tried alot to search what that could mean but i can’t understand :/


Hi! I’m here coz i’ve got same thing recently. By recently i mean like…6-9 months ;). I see number 69 nearly everywhere. Even now my laptop’s battery is 69%. Why is that? Few weeks ago i had funny situation. We went for a holiday and i mentioned that 69 story to some people i went with. They said it was just me focusing and searching for this number. Next day I realised i forgot my swimming shorts so i went to the shop to buy a pair. I didn’t care about quality, just picked up one with “sliced oranges” pattern. When i got back to the beach i took my shirt off, and my friends started to lough – i had number 69 printed all around short’s elastic waist. I swear!!!!


Hi ,, I too see 69 digit every where like 69 km/hr in speedometer; timing 6:09 Pm , amount in 69, battery percentage 69, vehicle no. 69, just fed up of 69 .. but when I checked in google it shows that it is good sign .. something going to change in life in good way..


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