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I keep hearing voices in my head?

I don’t know why but I’ve been hearing voices in my head for the last 2 months or so. Actually, there seems to be more than one voice…4 to be more accurate.
2 of them are a man’s voice and 1 of them is a woman’s….the other one i can’t figure out but it has horrible english…i think it might be an illegal immigrant? I just ignore him…i can’t understand anything he says anyways.
Sometimes they tell me to do stuff. One time the woman told me to cut myself…but i thought that was a retarded idea so i told her to go f**k herself.
These voices don’t always tell me to do bad things tho. One time, one of them told me to eat a chicken burrito. I did. And it was great.
Whenever i talk back to these voices, people around would think im crazy. That’s why i always hold a cellphone to my ears whenever i do it now.
Sometimes i think these voices are just my own mind and subconscious but sometimes they come up with such unthinkable ideas that i would never even think up of.
For example, one time the female voice told me to eat a Mcdonalds apple pie for 99 cents. The woman’s voice is always trying to harm me and this was one of the worst ideas ive ever heard….so i just screamed into the cell phone that “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL I EAT A MCDONALDS APPLE PIE FOR 99 CENTS.”
Apparently people around me still thought I was crazy even tho i had a cellphone to my ear. What to do?


  1. See your doctor as soon as possible, and get yourself referred to a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. Everyone get intrusive voices from time to time, but (if your question is genuine) yours sound excessive.

  2. It sounds like the voices that you’re hearing are auditory hallucinations. This can be a sign of schizophrenia, so it might be a good idea to see a psychiatrist, especially if this is affecting your life and interactions with other people.

  3. Well, sounds to me that you need a short sharp visit to your GP and talk to some1 who can help you, as the way i look at it if you are joking then you need help for saying such things and if you are telling the truth then like i said, its not right and you need help, good luck with whatever you decide to do! x

  4. Hello
    To answer your question, “what to do”, you should make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are M.D.’s (medical doctors) that help people with mental issues (for example people who are anorexic or bulemic or have OCD = obsessive-compulsive disorder). There are a lot of people who here voices in their heads – sometimes it is an isolated thing and sometimes it can be a part of a broader disease called schizophrenia. In either case, the disease is treatable – there are a number of different medications that are used to quiet down the voices you are hearing. It’s important for you to speak with a psychiatrist soon, so I would make an appointment ASAP to get this taken care of. Good luck.

  5. Umm it sounds a bit of this and that lol … i must admit for a second i thot yo crazy ..lol
    mm mm well this is what i think,it might be that there is someone from your family who might be far far away or dead who is trying to communicate with you.That person might be trying to give you warnings and cautions in what u doing.
    but about McDonalds hahahaha i dont know
    i also think u might be having some NEUROLOGICAL epsodes. i strongly advice u to see your doctor.
    do u have stuff like mp3 players,walkmans,phones that needs u to use ear phones or are u always on tha phone?? mayb its some kinda addiction a sort of.your ears are just used to sounds from them gadgets. go and see a doctor.
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. You speak of “voices inside your head”.
    Not a hard diagnosis here.
    This is the one mental disorder, the only one, from which people can be cured. People with this disorder are of higher than average intelligence. They have been traumatized at a very young age, more than once. Your voices are surfacing, and soon their individual memories will surface also. It is not a pleasant experience, it can be a fearful time, remembering and realizing it really happened to you. The one who told you to cut yourself shows you that you will not always feel safe.
    It would be very helpful to you to find someone VERY EXPERIENCED to coach you through for the next few years.
    A psychologist, and, or a psychiatrist well trained in DID.
    You can get beyond this – really. I have seen it.
    DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder was formerly known as multiple personality disorder / MPD

  7. You really do need to see a counselor and very possibly a psychiatrist. I cannot diagnose you here without a full clinical evaluation, including history, and while your symptoms clearly indicate there is a mental health issue, it’s difficult to assess without further info as a diagnosis, and therefore apprpriate treatment, can’t be made on one symptom alone.
    Auditory hallucinations inside your head are often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders when in fact they are more often indicative of dissociative disorders, namely DID, as the other answerer indicated. However, this alone does not exclude a spectrum of psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia or necessarily indicate DID.
    DID has a number of characteristic features and associated symptoms that must be present to warrant the diagnosis, namely amnesia often described as “time loss” or “missing time” by people who suffer from it. The following is an excerpt from answers I previously posted regarding DID. Schizophrenia is much more complicated to diagnose and also has a number of other features that must be present to make a definitive diagnosis and to rule out other simple psychotic disorders. The only way to get proper diagnosis and treatment is to see an experienced counselor who can help tease out the differential features for both.
    DID (MPD)
    DID is the existence of two or more separate personalities or personality states within one person, with each alter having distinctly different ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and relating to the world and distinctly different memories, each part having amnesia for the other parts’ memories. It is born from repeated and severe abuse and involves the defense mechanism of dissociation and generally develops before the age of 10 as children are far more likely to dissociate.
    DID is often misdiagnosed and it is very common for a person to have had multiple different psychiatric diagnoses before it is definitively identified as DID. The symptoms frequently overlap with symptoms of schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety Disorders (all), PTSD, other Dissociative Disorders and Somatoform Disorders as well as Borderline Personality. It requires extremely careful assessment and a high level of trust by the patient before alters reveal themselves. The diagnosis cannot be finalized before a therapist has actually made contact with another alter and observed the switch between alters.
    The hallmark symptom is amnesia, which can be partial or complete depending on the level co-consciousness that exists between alters. Folks with the disorder describe the amnesia as “missing time” or blank periods, often daily or weekly, where they cannot account for their whereabouts or behavior. It is this amnesic barrier between parts that often leads to the most bizarre and distinctive signs and symptoms: not recognizing familiar people; not remembering highly significant events in their lives (like the birth of their first child, for example); finding purchases or articles of clothing/possessions, writings or drawings that they have no recollection of having bought or created. They are frequently accused of lying because they disavow their own behavior which is remembered by one part, while the amnestic part is completely unaware of it. Other unusual symptoms include: an exceptionally high tolerance for physical pain (they split off physical sensation which becomes encapsulated in one or several alters without others feeling it); not recognizing themselves in a mirror; using different names; having dramatically different skills and abilities that seem to be alternately present and then vanish (one alter may be able to drive a car while the sudden emergence of a child alter results in complete loss of this ability until the adult alter re-emerges); completely different opinions and behaviors (leading to the mislabeling of Bipolar or Borderline Personality.
    Often communication across between separate alters takes place in the form of hearing voices, hence these folks frequently get misdiagnosed as schizophrenic. The key distinction here is whether the voices are experienced as coming from inside the person’s head (DID) or outside one’s head (Schizophrenia/Bipolar Disorder).
    The separate identities develop in response to traumatic experiences which the child is unable to integrate and so they become “split off” from awareness and begin to take on a life of their own.
    Folks with DID often self-injure, frequently a result of internal battles between persecutor alters and weaker alters and there are continual battles for control of the body and “time out” in the body between competing alters.
    Symptoms of depression and anxiety are frequent and common and the picture is further complicated by the fact that one alter can meet all clinical criteria for Depression, while another part experiences no symptoms whatsoever. One part can be psychotic and experience no side effects from meds while another non-psychotic part has all the side effects and will stop taking meds. You can imagine that attempting to medicate such a disorder becomes an absolute nightmare.
    Other symptoms include flashbacks and nightmares, hence the confusion with PTSD. Sometimes there are fugue states and clients will switch and “come to” in the body and have no idea how they arrived in the situation they are in, not know the people they are with and be completely disoriented. I had one client call me from another state after being away for a few days and having no idea how she got there or how to get home. Depersonalization and trance states are common and hence the overlap with other Dissociative disorders.
    Folks with DID frequently experience multiple somatic symptoms for which there is no organic basis. They experience partial body memories of abuse without the actual memory of the event and thus exhibit strange physiological symptoms and are often labeled as Somatoform disorders or hypochondriacs.
    I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that virtually any symptom of any disorder can be found at some point in a person with DID. Treatment is almost exclusively through psychotherapy as medication is merely palliative and an adjunct during periods of acute anxiety or depression. Treatment aims at initially contracting against suicidal and self-destructive behavior and attempts to establish safety first. Many DID folks enter treatment in horrendous circumstances where they are frequently in highly abusive relationships or are themselves abusive. Given the multiple alters, they may be both victim and perpetrator both within themselves alone and in the context of their relationships. The second primary goal is establishing communication and negotiation among alters to decrease amnesia and contradictory, self-defeating behavior. Ultimately the goal becomes integration of alters into one cohesive whole which involves sharing of memories and feelings across alters and a merging, where all parts continue to be present, but constant
    Please seek an evaluation with a competent therapist as soon as possible as treatment for both schizophrenia and DID is readily available.

  8. Have you had any new dental work done?
    Just before the voices started?
    I recall some dentists use fillings that actually conduct radio signals in some unfortunate individuals.
    Sounds like your picking up few soap opera’s and commercial breaks.

  9. There is nothing called schizophrenia, don’t exist this illness i think it is kind of black magic and witch craft
    and this black magic and witch craft are coming from the people who worship Satan, these people for sure they exist they already caused big problems and they continuously will.
    thank you

  10. i am going through the same experience u told me…i can hear the men voices or lady voices some it is a my own mum voice or some time i hear i very heavy voice this voice i could feel my inner voice who did not tell em what to do its think how i think its feel me the same how i feel.or tell me the truth of lots of future or some present things going happening in my life.i do pray all the time.i believe my self i dont need these voice as i could do the all work own my own.i believe if i really could hear them exactly then god or positive powers also exist around us,like we do some work for some without any purpose or selfishness.so same as i believe my self that if these voices can speak with me then god or angels can also talk to me i take them as positive way.these voices never told me to do anything wrong with others or my self.
    a year before i totally was confused with them and i stop eat properly and very tired all the time just sleep sleep that’s i all could do.i feel so much low my self like finished to my self or finished my life cause i hate whatever start happen wih me.i went india and i saw the lord krishna with my open eyes.his body was real..it was very wonderful experience for me.
    now i am doing pray and meditation regularly as i believe if these voices are real or i realy can hear them as else dont so there is lord voice as well i could hear.i am now practicing for this all every day i am successed in my this work. now i could see some time the real future views within my mind and i could feel the real truth whatever going to happen in future and its all about me and my life.they have shown me alot. i dont excess them they just do there work if they like i dont force them to do this all for me.i just go indeep to my lord and i just love his world, his people and i love my self too.these voices just all the time told me…we got truth from u in my own language.if i told someone about this they ask my or tell me why do u told them.then i feel happy they dont like it that i should tell anyone about this.
    some time i feel real breath of there mouth near to my face or ear when they told me something.i could smell there breath and the warmness that they r around me
    so don’t let them rule on u.feel ur self u are the most powerful person then these voices.its all not external,its all ur internal way they use to talk.as they show me the place of my own mind where they created and how powerful our own mind is.and how powerful creature we are.they r not friendly they r not bad they work their own and u just ignore to them or think with ur own mind and work as ur own mind telling u.every hard day will go as its going already whats is left only thing is what we have done or achieved for us or for others……Thanks

  11. I hear voices of our neighbor they shout tang ina mo ko ha in spanish it means your mothers a * and stupid * they would even go on slow motion most of the time I theyre in my eye cause it keeps ringing and the right part of my brain its been 3 years,by the way i’m schizophrenic I have auditory hallucnation.but my doctor said anti phsychotic med. is already the cure.but it seems like it is not true.it weird its every where i would hear theyre voices on birds trucks people i encounter i hear them through telepath like manner,like they know me.Since then i wanted to die really badly.plus I think I’m the only one who can speak in tounges.I feel like i’m trapped missing out my life like i’m just living 1 percent of my life and missing 99 percent of it i can notice people deform like gloria macapagal arroyo she ex president of the philippines x zibit he turned thin and redish i dunno if he already recovered I know military knows about it really elite ones normal ones don’t have an idea.I started seeing things when i was 1 year old i was deformed and miserable its when our neighbor came in our house my eyesight started flushing pressure of my body and conciuosness.

  12. I had this since 2008. Tried all sorts of therapy. Dosen’t cure except psychiatric med. However bioresonance therapy did helped like 50% and i do not need the med daily anymore. Been exploring these voices and realize its the voices in the pool of human collective consciousness. I just happen to be able to hear them. Believe it or not our minds are connected whether you hear it or not.

  13. Its the collective consciouness of people you are hearing. Sometimes they make sense but most often they do not. Take psychiatric med. Go for bioresonance therapy and you do not need to take the pills everyday, but you got to take it continuously for at least 3 months first to mute your mind

  14. I believe that hearing voices is real. That people really do talk to you and can read your thoughts. I have been experiencing this. Before I heard actual voices in my head, I would get senses of what people were thinking and accusing. Now, I know with certainty after doing research online and reading what other people have experienced, I firmly believe in it. I know I am not crazy. This stuff is for real. Also, I believe that people can cause physically sensations that come out of no where as a way to torture and torment. I notice things and observe people. I am not the smartest person on the block, actually rather slow, but I have finally come to realize that that doesn’t matter. Not all thoughts are of me and people who have developed mind-reading, telepathy, and mind-control mess with people. They don’t want this talked about. A private world doesn’t exist and that is ok. I just hate it when the voices are mean. I wonder at what age it develops, if some people hear their whole lives, or what. All I know is that I didn’t start hearing actual voices until last year. Sometimes I wonder if it is drug-related, but I am not on drugs anymore and still hear voices. Also, if it is drug-related, why didn’t I start hearing voices when I first tried them? I am not a hard-core drug user. Although last year was the first time I really used a lot of crack and meth. It was after that, is when I started hearing voices. But that runner was only for a month, October. I have stopped those, and still hear voices. Also, I have observed that people who seem like they’ve never done drugs before can hear my thoughts and that I can talk with them in my head. So it makes me think that it isn’t drug-related. Despite that question, I do firmly believe in mind-reading, mind-control, and all that. I also believe that not all the voices are from humans, but also from spiritual beings like demons, Satan, angels, and God. But I don’t know what God’s voice sounds like. There were a couple voices that claimed to be God of the Universe, but it was a very mean and scary voice that was accompanied with loud noises. But I highly doubt that it was God’s voice because it was anti-biblical. It kept claiming that Jesus has returned and all this stuff like you have to either be perfectly good (in thought and in real life with absolutely no mistakes), perfectly evil, or either good in your heart and evil in person, or evil in your heart and good in person. (person meaning action and deed). I am not a christian, I was, but choose not to follow Jesus, neither do I choose to follow Satan. All I know is that when Jesus returns all the evil will end and everyone will be judged. Anyways, I believe that hearing voices is real and is developed more in others than some, and some people have no clue that it is real and are ignorant of it. It is these people who call people like me who hears voices and talks with the voices, and sometimes perceive other’s thoughts, that are ignorant and deaf. I believe a lot of this is connected with the spiritual world. It is going to get even crazier.

    • hello my name is sylar and for the last 3 year i;m been hearing voice in my head .. i know it sound crazy and all the people look like i was mad ..i can hear 2 voice talking to me both male how do you overcome it .. plz help me…


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