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I keep hearing and reading that Barack Obama has Prosperity Consciousness. What is mean in politics?

Some say this is the reason why he is a winner and a success at everything he touches… Please share your opinion on this and explain to me what this means..


  1. meaningless words, as are words without a definition, like the words he often speaks for example like hope and change but never defines////

  2. Prosperity Conciousness:
    The Power Of Concentration and the Law of Attraction
    Everything in creation is influenced by the law of magnetism (also called Law of Attraction). The law of magnetism teaches us that whatever we concentrate upon, we draw to ourselves. If we focus on goodness, our life can be a garden of happiness; if we concentrate on wealth, we will draw wealth to ourselves.
    Success in life presupposes the power of concentration. Just as a magnet draws to itself iron filings and not rice grains, so too, the quality of our focused thoughts will create a dynamic but silent power within that will find us placed in situations akin to the nature of our thoughts. If we think ‘ good health ‘ and with faith and belief embed this deeply within our minds over a sustained period of time, we will gradually create for ourselves situations and an environment, which will be conducive to good health .

  3. It is being the master of your mind..it is making choices that will bring you the results you want instead of just living life by default. Most of us get our thoughts, patterns & beliefs by those around us or whatever we are exposed to as we are going through life. Some people think positive about something & negative about others. You can see what a person thinks by what is manifested in their life. They may have poor health but great relationships for example. A prosperity consciousness is a believe that you always have what you need. The right person shows up. The right info, person etc. Things happen in life according to who you are. They just said that one of the richest people Cindy Spelling widow of Aaron Spelling won I think a couple hundred thousand dollars in Vagas. I remember Jennifer Lopez’s mother had that happen once too. Then some poor smoe walks around saying I always get cr-apped on & a bird drops white stuff on him…This is a irresponsible way of living. If a person is in debt. First they have to cuts expenses & increase income if they can but while they do this practical things instead of being fearful & playing the victim they have to know they are rich. Cause the truth is if we have bills someone trusted us & lent us something so we are prosperous so we can count our blessings. The more energy we put into something the more we get of that. If you have to plants & you water one it will grow but if you ignore it is will die. Sometimes we want to ignore things sure as the things that aggravate us & they will disappear…When Bush was in office the first thing he focused on was cutting benefits to the poor. If he would have watered them they would have became tax payers instead of people who now need medical care & are too sick to work. But he doesn’t have a prosperity consciouness he has a competitive one. So he believes if he wins someone else has to lose. Obama has a win-win consciousness. Then after several months where Bush did nothing but cut everything that was important to be cared for such as money to repair levies we ended up with 911 & just one bad thing after another. Obama wants everyone to win & he knows how to win. We are in for some great times. I know people who don’t understand what I have written her can be so negative about it so anyone can e-mail me if they are really interested cause it might be hard to understand with out allot more info. I do hope this helps though.

  4. I don’t know but I like his message on hope and changing the way they do things in Washington. I am so tired of the negative politics.


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