Home Discussion Forum i just want to know if you people belive in past lifes?

i just want to know if you people belive in past lifes?

personally i dont belive in them, why? because i have had over 5 past life regressions and 2 psychics said that i was in world war 2 , 1 said in world war 2 but i was jewish and in the holocaust i was a little kid 12 years when 2 soldiers killed me the psychic said i died instantly and didn’t felt pain and that in this life i am right now i was going to be born somewhere in germany in a small town around 1960’s but that the mother had a miscarage and was born in the late 80’s,the second psychic said i was in world war 2 again but that i was arabian and that i was killed by getting shot and that i was 30 when i died, then the other psychic said i was born in the early 1900’s and that my parents had lots of marriage problems and that is exactly what happens in this life too, also that i work with my father when i was a teenager which also happend in this life too,but still i dont belive in them because they all say diffrent opinions of where we all had lives before


  1. It is possible, I guess, but I haven’t done any past regressions, so you have more experience with that stuff than me. Maybe some people have past lives to keep working it out or something, who knows what really happens until it does anyway?

  2. The Bible says; “It is appointed to me ONCE TO DIE and AFTER THAT THE JUDGMENT.” We have only one life and that one is eternal.
    We live in a human body until the body dies and then the spirit which is the real us leaves the body and will be either in Heaven or Hell and then the Lake of Fire forever.

  3. I truly believe in past lives.Anyone who doesn’t (no offense people) are just hard headed. I think everyone has had many past lives, and there is such thing as God. I do not believe that there is a “hell.” Anyone who claims to be a believer of God, should truly know that if He is so caring and good, why would he ever allow there to be such a place? The closest thing anyone will ever get to “hell’ is here on earth. When you truly think about it, you’ll come to know that everyones definatly had past lives before. If people believe in God as much as they say they do should know that He is all knowing. He created all of us, and let us have our own minds, with thoughts that we form. Everyone has had past lives to grow spiritually. We carnate into life, from spirit form to learn for god, and to heighten our souls. When people ask why God let certain things happen, they must realize that He was with them all along, and they must’ve gone through those hardships. What has anyone learned when things are always good? Nothing.It takes horrible experiences and tough times to realize our potential, and to see how strong we can be. I hope you take this to heart, and just really think about it. Also remember that all “psychics” of any kind are not always accurate. They may not be intuitive enough, or circumstances may come up where you or someone else changes the path of things, ‘causing events to change. hope you find out what you need to.God bless.

  4. The question is not whether you believe. The fact is that past lives and future lives exist. There is adequate scientific support for these. (check on many lives many masters by Brian weiss, Many mansions – the edgar cayce story etc)
    If a person is born within a short time after the death, he could remember some of his previous birth events. If there is a gap, such rememberences are rare.
    Regresssion is one of the methods. It is not fool proof. These events are abstract like our dreams. Our dreams can predict a future event or sometimes irrelevant and stupid. It would be very difficult to separate these. Similarly events in regression could be correct and wrong. Take it with a pinch of salt. But that does not deny past births.

  5. NO, I personally do not believe in past lives or in the idea of reincarnation despite what any psychics have said since World War II !


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