I just recently had a spiritual awakening, i was wondering how many others have experienced this as well?

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I had mine while i was poor,living in a 1 bedroom apt. barely able to support myself, no friends or life, and now its totally changed around, Good job, nice place, women, friends and family all around,and i think that the experence was an act of fate, in order for me to open my eyes , to develop the spirtual side of myself. Now if only i could meet a women that has the same views as me 🙂 How about u?
Once it happend, my life totally changed around. Everything went from being negative to having positive things happen to me all the time. Having nothing gave me the time i needed to reflect on my life. I spent a lot of time researching gnostic teachings, along with meeting people who have taught me many things about the power of thoughts, god, energy, and why we are here

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i don’t understand how getting out of the hole = spiritual awakening……
maybe you could elaborate and connect the two thoughts… or maybe i am just NOT that woman…


It must have been very recent since you haven’t gotten around to changing that screen name huh? wink!


I’m in the process of developing my spiritual side, having found a group of like minded individuals. Until I took – of all things – an Internet quiz which pointed me in this direction, I didn’t think I could have a spiritual side. Does that qualify as an “awakening”? I don’t know, but I certainly enjoy exploring that side of my personality.
Congratulations on turning your life around and good luck on your journeys, wherever they may lead you.


Dude, you are blessed to be able to spiritually evolve so quickly, just don’t get angry if more test come your way, because your still on earth. I’m an older person and still looking for a spiritual chick.


Yeah, I have had a spiritual awaking. It has not taken me from rags to riches. I don’t see materalistic gains being awakening spiritually.
I see being humbled and human as an awakening. The death of my son brought me to realize that our physical life is a meer dim moment in our journal as spiritual beings on an earthly journey.


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