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I just heard from a chat that the satanic bible written by Anton Zsandor Lavey is not the actual Satanic bible?

I have the Satanic Bible written by Anton Lavey and it’s just a thin little paperback book. I heard there’s actually a real satanic bible. Is that true? I looked other Satanic Bibles up on Amazon but I don’t know if it’s the actual one. I heard the real one can be obtained at the church of Satan. The real Church of Satan, not the one Lavey left behind.


  1. All Satanic gospel works were made up after the 1960s. Whether Lavey wrote it or not, it’s about as useful as L Ron Hubbards Dianetics nonsense.

  2. LOL Antons Satanic Bible is the Church of Satan’s official Satanic Bible.
    OK most of it was plagiarized from Ragnar RedBeard’s “Might is Right” but that is another issue.
    Satanism is just as diverse as Christianity and has many sects most of them do not use Anton’s works. If you read the Sinagogue of Satan manifesto you won’t see anything from LaVey or RedBeard.


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