I just had the worst episode of sleep paralysis in my life! I was taking a nap on a "couch" made of 3 chairs?






put together and I got into a dream in which my brain felt wide awake but unable to move my body to wake up. I can remember how badly I wanted to wake up but just could not. It was literally as if I had the strength of an ant and trying to lift or move my heavy body awake from sleep. The most frightening part of the dream was that I really just could not wake up even though I thought I did but it was fake each time. I finally woke up for real after about 45 minutes when my brain called out to God, “Help God I am sorry! Please don’t let me die.” Somehow my body just lifted up without my effort and I was awake for real.
Is this a sign that possibly I was being challenged by evil forces in my sleep and is a sign that I need to be more careful of how I live my life when I am awake?


  1. The odd bed of 3 chairs could have pinched off nerve synapsis’ but no its not evil forces. Ive had sleep paralysis from the common factor which is sleep deprevation. Don’t worry about it though, even though it is frightening it is fairly common.

  2. Yup. You were visited by a succubus.
    Realistically, sleep paralysis is a product of being awoken from sleep during a REM cycle. Your brain is confused and believes that it is telling your body to do things, while your body is still in “dream mode”. The act of praying probably gave your mind enough focus to wake the rest of your body.

  3. I usually get sleep paralysis when I take a nap in the afternoons. They only last 1 minute for me. This one time I was awake and couldn’t scream for help. I felt like I was going to die because I saw a dark figure. Another time was when my soul felt like it was being sucked out of my body. After researching, they’re not bad at all. Google it for yourself so you could get comfortable with sleep paralysis. Try to avoid taking afternoon naps and getting a good nights sleep 🙂

  4. Boy your deep my friend!!!!!!!
    I have felt that way in a dream that I want to come out of and can’t
    I have felt that way a few times
    Especially during a nap because I think we really are not sleeping as sound as we do at night and during the day our minds are too awake to fully rest easy
    I am glad that you calling out to God woke you
    Don’t know if that means any thing but hay he must have been there to tell to cut the crap and stop sleeping during the day and do some thing else young man!!!!!!!!!

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