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I just got an engagement ring and i chose to go weith an amethyst instead of a diamond.?

My friends say im nuts that i should have gotten a diamond but im not really impressed by diamonds i think they are kind of boring. Does this make me crazy??? Should i have gone with a diamond since its more traditional?


  1. no you should go with whatever you want! it’s your ring so no one elses opinions matter! it’s you wearing it everday you should have exactly what you want

  2. If it makes you happy then don’t worry about it. I personally also have a diamond and they are not boring…. they sparkle soo much and I can see about 20 colors in mine 🙂
    I also like amethyst too… it’s my birthstone and I have a large emerald one… it’s pretty but it’s dark and doesn’t sparkle.

  3. It’s your engagement and not theirs – and don’t forget they could be a bit jealous! For example……Even if you wanted a lump of wood as your engagement ring then it’s up to you, and they should be happy for you – it’s a symbol of a bond more than a piece of metal and glass.
    Amethyst? I think you made a good choice there!!!

  4. I believe Semi-precious stones were the real traditional ring. Diamonds didn’t become the “traditional” option until the 1940s when diamond mining grew in Africa and the DeBeers company bought up all of the mining companies. After they became the monopoly on diamonds, they started a campaign to make diamonds the only choice for precious stones.
    In the end you are the only person who needs to be happy with the choice as it is yours and signifies the love of you and your fiance. By and by, did you by any chance purchase a promise right for your soon-to-be husband? Why is it that tradition went by the wayside?

  5. Save the money for something important and go with the type of ring you like. Unlike some people’s opinions, diamonds are not an investment and a cubic zirconia from QVC looks better than most diamonds the average person can afford.
    My personal fav would be a Sapphire. Get the ring you love no matter what anyone else says. And, by the way, Princess Diana’s engagement ring was a Sapphire.

  6. I think having an amethyst engagement ring is really unique.
    Not everyone has to have a diamond, I have 2 engagement rings(I’m Greek, and it’s since Greek tradition states that you wear your ring on the right hand, I have sets for both hands). The one I wear on the left is diamond, but the one I have on the right is rubies. And you know what? My ruby rings are so much prettier than my diamond ones.
    You have to wear it, not your friends, so who cares what they think?
    Congratulations, and I wish you all the best.

  7. People get hooked on the idea of diamonds because they are the most expensive stones.
    If you prefer an amethyst, stick with the amethyst. Personal taste should count for more than $$$.
    Be prepared, however, to hear a lot of silly remarks about the ring. For some ungodly reason, some women equate the cost of the engagement ring to how much the husband loves his wife. Ignore these people.

  8. I also don’t like diamonds, I prefer a stone with colour in it. I don’t think you are mad at all, it’s mean to reflect your tastes, so I’d say it was perfect. Tell your friends that is all a marketing ploy to get people to buy diamonds, the company De Beers did an ad campaign and since then diamonds have been the “stone of choice” but that’s all down to a clever marketing campaign, people that fell for that are too easily influenced by adverts.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with that.
    Mine is both our birthstones inside entwined hearts.
    I don’t blame you for not wanting a diamond. These days they are falling out of favor, now that people know the misery they cause people in Africa. I didn’t want to be so selfish.

  10. You have to wear it and live with your choice. You are right to go with what ever you decide. Life is too short to worry about what other people think.

  11. go with what you want, its sounds nice, and it does not make you crazy because you wanted that ring instead of Diamonds. be happy and proud of the engagement ring you have and who cares what others think . its yours and that is all to it. good luck. and congratulations.

  12. You are the person that has got to wear it so it’s up to you what you choose.
    My husband bought mine as a surprise, he knew I wanted a purple stone as it’s my favourite colour and he chose a tanzanite. I wouldn’t swap it for all the diamonds in the world!!

  13. I think it’s fine if that’s what you want. My sis-in-law got a diamond and saphire ring. Although it included some diamonds, it was still non-traditional. It’s beautiful.

  14. This is TOTALLY your choice. I chose a sapphire because that will be my daughters birthstone (I am due in Sept.) I wanted my ring to have a special meaning, not just be some pretty ring. There is nothing that says it HAS to be diamonds! Mine is sapphire and diamonds and I will have a diamond eternity band as my wedding band. Once again, this is YOUR choice! Congrats and good luck!

  15. No, it’s great! I only realized much later that I probably would have liked a colour stone, or a collection of little gems with lots of colour. Amethysts are gorgeous!

  16. Go with whatever you want. You’re the one who will wear it for the rest of your life not them so it’s up to you what you want to get. Diamonds are more traditional, but amethyst is beautiful. Don’t let others’ comments get you down, keep your beautiful ring. Congrats, by the way


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