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I just found out I'm a psychic and a medium, what do I do?

I have always known I was special since I saw things before they happened and seeing spirits (which I never knew were spirits) but now I don’t know how to strenghten my abilities and also I’m scared to death about seeing dead people which doesn’t help me much at all…
I have had many, many, MANY experiences so I went to a psychic/medium who told me I am extremely gifted and was dead on about many things (the psychic i saw). I need to strengthen this because I’m suppose to help other people with the gift not to mention the spirits. I need to become un-scared.
This is for Jack: I’m sorry but I get my “visions” and feelings from touch so I can’t tell you. I’m sorry.
To gab16: Your answer was the best and to others I do want to pursue it another psychic said I will help many people and to the medium thing, I’m just saying what the Psychic told me.
Thank you miss zoe. Btw the psychic I saw said that too about the same person, but she isn’t around anymore…


  1. You should make sure that you are psychic. I don’t believe in psychic and seeing dead people so you might have a mental disorder of seeing things. (No offense, sorry) If I was you, I would find other mediums and find books in the library.

  2. Just like anything else, I would network with similar people, but be careful who you get involved with. I would start with psychic John Edwards or someone known/trusted/popular and see if they can link you with someone local and who you can trust. Try a metaphysical bookstore, too.

  3. Death is inevitable and there is nothing you can do to stop it (unless you can see the future…). That’s why I’m not afraid. As for the ghosts maybe you could try talking to them. I don’t really know much about this, but I’ve seen it in movies — what other reference is there?

    OR URSELF, …………..OH SMART ONE!!!!!!!!!
    No, I am sorry, but could not help myself on that one!
    Okay, first off, why would you want to strengthen ur ability,
    if it scares you to death? Just let it be.
    Second, just know that they are not
    going to hurt you, otherwise they would have by now, and just
    accept it as part of ur everyday life and just keep living normally.
    what are you wanting to do about it? i do not understand.

  5. From what you have said I am thinking that your experiences have come upon you innocently, from a clean source. But you have to be careful.
    1) You don’t *have* to strengthen your abilities. It is a choice, or will be a choice I expect.
    2) You need to find out more about spirits, spiritism, mystisisim and such. I doubt that it is an emergency though. How old are you? 17-ish? Many folks find odd abilities intruding more in their lives about that point.
    3) There are a lot of lies out there about this topic. Truth may be hard to find. There is danger also. I would say potentially grave danger in that direction, if pursued.
    4) not all spirits are our friends.
    4a) Many spirits are liars and would hurt you if they could.
    5) Talk to not just one kind of knowledgeable person. You will get a wide range of answers. Remember the three blind men who approached an elephant. One patted him on the side and said, “An elephant is much like a wall.”. His buddy found the tail and thoughtfully remarked, “An elephant is much like a rope”. I don’t care what the third guy said cuz you get my point. The truth is likely to be more wide-ranging and complex than maybe any one person will express. Some, but certainly not all pastors and ministers know and believe more than you might think about this topic. Hopefully some of them will give you a thoughtful, in-depth answer, not just the standard “Stay away from that”. Sometimes you can do that, some times you can’t. Scripture does warn against dealing with many kinds of occult, but not necessarily against all kinds of paranormal abilities, some of which may be innate or God-given. In fact, I know several Christian leaders who rely on such ‘gifts’ from time to time. But when you say ‘Medium’, I say Waaaaait a MINUTE here! Are you sure you are using the term correctly? I hope not! You have a lot of learning to do before you even consider going in that direction. Which I hope you choose not to do. In fact, you can ask God directly for guidance on this. Just ask Him to show you the truth about whatever you experience. He is King of all, particularly of the spirit world and cares enough about you to guide you away from danger. Don’t be a blind kitten playing on the freeway.
    You and I may have a lot in common. Yes, I have experienced psychic powers of several sorts. Yes, I believe in spirits and have spoken with them. Yes, I believe there is a great deal going on in the spirit world that effects us, that we know nuthin about.
    And I am also educated, more intelligent than average by most measures, and I would say a man of science. I see no dicotomy or contradiction in these statements.

  6. There is a million dollars waiting for the first person that can prove any paranormal abilities or events. Don’t need the money? Since you want to help people, give the money to a charity and really save some lives. Imagine the good that can do.
    If a man of science could provide evidence for psychic powers a Nobel Prize would be a cinch. For the only way this could happen is if all the laws of science are destroyed.
    Edit: This is not a matter of respect. If you want to be treated seriously, you have to get serious. Belief does not mean truth. The cold hard fact is that no one has ever proved psychic ability. Ever. Anyone that says they are can only be one of three things.
    1. Telling the truth. Meaning they can be tested and prove what they claim. Without any excuses why they can not or will not.
    2. They are frauds. Meaning they take advantage of the gulible and helpless. Once again someone that has been tested would eliminate those that are frauds.
    3. Mistaken or self deception. These people honestly think they have psychic ability but have not been tested. This is most likely. Just because they tend to remember the hits and forget the misses.
    You have to have strict testing to eliminate self deception.

  7. Dear Girl,
    Do not respond to the people who will be disrespectfully of you on these answers.
    That may be a step in your path- don’t let those who are ignorant piss you off.
    You need grounding big time, especially if you read off of objects. You will lay off the reading by touch for a while, you cant really make it go away but dial down the intensity it’s like a really fuzzy tv with the volume turned off.
    For grounding I recommend handling clay, earth, rocks, sand, as much as you can. Focus on your breathing, slow, deep breaths and FOCUS, no spacing out on an image you just got.
    That’s a start. If you are afraid find something that helps you feel safe, like a teddy bear. For a while I carried salt packets in my purse so I could hold them in my hands and if I really wanted to I had the option of sprinkling a salt circle. This is often misunderstood as “protection from evil” The salt strongly marks the boundaries of your power circle and helps draw strong protective spirits to you.
    Is someone advising you? don’t make the mistake of going to a store-front psychic.
    You do have an Aunt or a Grandmother, someone who is ill. She has the gift but will be shy of admitting it. We can hope she understands and if she is not meant to be your mentor ,I bet last dollar she know who in family is you teacher.
    Bless You
    Miss Zoe


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