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I just found a tiger eye stone and i want to make a necklace with it but without drilling a hole into it. how?

i wanna make a necklace where the stone is just held in place firmly like a stone is held in a ring. But i dont know how. Please Help!!


  1. You need a claps to hold the stone in place. You may can find at a craft shop.
    . Of course you can’t drill a hole in it you don’t have the Equipment to drill a hole in it. Either you will break the bit off the drill, or you will shatter the stone.

  2. A stone setting like on a ring requires edges and carefully placed prongs – complicated.
    Your best solution would be to wire wrap it. You can eSearch wire wrap jewelry and see some examples, but basically you get some brass wire – short lengths are sold in hardware and hobby shops in 1′ and 3′ lengths in the K&S Engineering metals display – and you figure out how to go around the stone, kind of like you were wrapping an awkward package, then pull the wire tight and twist it to hold. By putting the twist on what you want to be the top, you can finish with a loop to take a chain. You can do this with copper, silver or gold also, the latter two being much more expensive. Brass and copper will oxidize green and this may come off on your skin if you wear this a long time – more likely with a ring – but it is harmless and you can reduce the effect with a light coat of wax.

  3. Your best bet is to wire wrap it and attach a bail.
    Here are some examples of wire wrapping-
    You can use wrap tite settings found here
    Depending on the shape of the stone, puffed or flat it could possibly be used in a cabochon setting. Here is a link for those
    Hope this helps!


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