Home Discussion Forum I just dont understand people from P&S...?

I just dont understand people from P&S…?

People there invite me to post my questions there and what happens?they remove them,ugh
people from P&S have such inferior minds with no religious or spiritual affinity,Who are you people to insult me for stating my opinions,Cant accept the truth?cant accept that EVERYTHING I have said about you is correct?and you partake defensive measure to protect your ego?


  1. I go there some times. Some times spirituality isn’t all there is. But don’t try to convince them that God is in on everything or they will bite.

  2. Well, are the things you are posting volger? If so I can understand why. I have some opinions but I don’t let everyone know them. Some things you keep to yourself, If they aren’t volger or rude then I don’t know why they would get removed.

  3. Friend, I don’t have the slightess ideal what you are talking about, First this site is R&S & not P&S, so what questions do you want to ask me. I won’t delete them. But neithere will I be trick into anyones ideals, I go by The bible. & I know what the bible says, since I have been a Christian for over 37 yrs.

  4. You claim that everything that you said is correct. Great, correct in who’s mind ? What is the unquestioned truth to one person is stupid superstition to another

  5. inferior minds??? sure, you just go ahead and believe that.
    as for an opinion…I don’t call insulting people an opinion, I call that rude and the product of a person with a low IQ.
    Truth??? the truth is that you have nothing nice to say and we don’t appreciate being harassed for no good reason.

  6. we do have spirituality…mind you it is not your place to judge others ..that’s the work of the lord….maybe you should refreshen yourself by reading your almighty bible and follow YOUR rules…….

  7. Are you in Mensa? I am. Do you even know what Mensa is?
    What does Religious or spiritual affinity have to do with anything? Most intellectuals do not believe in God. In fact, there is a correlation between higher IQs and a lack of faith.
    Why are you attacking P&S? Hungry for attention?

  8. Hello? You are insulting us for our opinions, just as you accuse us of doing. Sweep off your own porch before you talk about our cluttered porches. Not very religious of you.

  9. OK that’s it…you guys are not coming to the P&S prom….we were gonna have Ted Haggard as a guest speaker and everything.

  10. Be at peace my child. You asked an inflammatory question which insulted others. Personally, I have a very rich sense of spirituality. I believe you are making gross generalisations. If you are religious, you aren’t abiding by the rules by inciting hatred. Peace be with you =) Personally, if I were you, I would create another name in my user profile so others don’t recognise you and if you could open your own mind by, oh, say, an inch, you could answer a few Qs in a humourous manner. If God had wanted us to be serious he wouldn’t have given us a funny bone and alcohol.

  11. Polls and Surveys rocks! They are some of the most clever and intelligent people on this site. They are funny, insightful and they have a wonderful sense of humor.
    Please don’t knock my people!

  12. .well I am insane but I have learned more spirituality then you will ever understand, go in peace my ignorant friend

  13. Anti… like that name. sounds like you need a big bear hug. you won’t break will you? can I offer you a glass o whiskey. How much water should I add. you’ll be feeling ok real soon. That’s it. Drink up. look at all the lint in my belly button.


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