Home Discussion Forum I just bought my first crystal ball for scrying....?

I just bought my first crystal ball for scrying….?

What should I do now? What is the best way to cleanse it? And how do I get started working with it?
Scrying, gazing, whichever you call it….I plan to get a black scrying mirror as well. Then I will decide which I like best.


  1. cleanse it like all other crystals.
    either: use moonlight, sunlight, salt water, candle blessing, essential oils or rain water
    make sure you treat it with respect, some prefer to cover theirs with silk to prevent negative energies influencing it, others keep it on display by a window to allow energies to flow freely.
    You look at the structure of the crystal with the ball, take in the detail and beauty until you fall into a state of relaxation, some like to hold the crystal while doing this, others like to sit cross-legged in front in a meditation stance. Focus on the crystal and clear your mind, soon images (sometimes with sounds will appear either within your mind or within the crystal and that is scrying.

    • Don’t use sunlight on a real quartz crystal ball. Main reason for this is safety. The refractive index for quartz is shallow and will focus outside it’s radius. It will also discolour over long periods and obtain a blueish haze if left in the sun for years. It is these 2 qualities that promoted the mystic’s to come up with all the sppoky language about keeping it in the dark and not scrying in the daylight. The reality was that they didn’t want to set their Gypsy wagon on fire.

  2. I am no expert, but here goes nothing……
    Cleansing the ball : Whatever ritual appeals to you. I imagine this is to free the ball of any unwanted influences and leave it blank, as it were. Keeping it clean is just as important. Only use it yourself and never for trivial purposes. On a more mundane level, polish it with a a good lens cloth, which you can get at an optician’s.
    Getting started : The ball is not magic, you are. it is a means of focusing your attention while emptying your mind. Don’t expect too much at first, and don’t try too hard.
    I would put it away when it’s not being used. Cover it and/or put it in a box. On one level these will just be a cloth or a box, but they will acquire significance in your use of them.
    Have you heard of the Elizabethan magician John Dee ? He used wax ‘seals’ – ie. tablets, inscribed with symbols ( don’t ask me what symbols), one under each table leg. The ball itself sat on the table, on a larger wax seal. I am not sure, but it seems likely that they were insulators of some kind. You might consider doing something like this, or at least pay attention to the surface on which the ball sits. A plain cloth perhaps.


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