Home Discussion Forum I induced a five day meditative trance without drugs?

I induced a five day meditative trance without drugs?

through yoga and day long walking meditation I eventually went into this trippy, somewhat blissfull ‘vision state’ of hightened awareness. If this came so naturally to me do you think I should make an effort to practice shamanism in my community or do you think that is just fairy tale stuff. I spiritually stuck right now. At this point the shrink will just say Im psychotic or schizo
I didn’t trick my mind into anything. I wasn’t trying to achieve this, it just happened
no i was just in a meditative state of mind and i slipped into a different state


  1. Personally I think it’s all just fairy tale stuff, but if you get more people to get off their asses and walk and be happy and feel blissful without telling them there’s a magical man in the sky watching and judging them, then more power to you.

  2. You can trick your mind into thinking anything, lol. It’s called “constructive perception”.
    EDIT: You were in some meditative trance, so you were trying to achieve something, lol.

  3. Congratulations! I have self-induced meditative trance myself, but never for anywhere near that long.
    Remember that psychologists, like any other scientists, concern themselves only with the physical, not with the spiritual. Believe what you want to believe. If you wish to become a shaman, then by all means do so.
    If you’re unsure, or want to know more about Shamanism before practicing it, I recommend looking up your local metaphysical bookstore to do some research. (Heads up–you’ll have to check the Internet, since “New Age,” “Metaphysical” and “Pagan” were not in my local Yellow Pages.) Whatever you decide, I hope you find happiness in your search. 🙂


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