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i herd on tv from that psychic women sylvia brown that in the year 2012 were are going to encounter aliens ?

i think it was on that one Montel show. a girl asked wen we would be encountering aliens and sylvia brown said that they will actually land their ship here on earth in the year 2012. but i cant remember if she said they were going to attack us or not.


  • i highly doubt aliens from some where in space are gonna come here and “save” us. and sylvia brown has a VERY poor track record. you should watch the south park episode about john edward, the so-called “psychic”. a lot is explained about the art of cold reading. i recommend you watch that episode.

  • Believe half of what you read in newspapers and about a fifth of what you see on TV, and about a tenth of what is on YouTube and you might be OK.

    All psychics are either frauds or have managed to deceive themselves. Astrology is fake, tarot cards are fake, Ouija boards are fakes, ghosts are fakes, extraterrestrial aliens are fakes too. Uri Geller is a fake, the Bible codes are fakes, the Bermuda triangle and bigfoot are fakes, anyone who says there will be a world wide disaster in 2012 is a fake too.

  • Aliens are going to come to Earth to help humanity get through the coming disasters, if they do come Im sure it will be before 2012. They can only come if we ask for their help, Jesus Christ was an alien, he saved humanity once and once again we will be saved by another divine intervention, of course this time only those that deserve to be saved will be saved. Dont believe for one moment that you will be saved for being christian, catholic or part of any other religion, because religion has been wrong for thousands of years, it is the duty of all humans to pay attention to the tests that nature throws at you, only by deciphering the coincidences of life will you see the truth, and it is only be ingoring a materialistic life that you will be saved, live beyond money and beyond everything you have been taught is a good citizen and you may survive. They have already been trying to help us with their crop circles, so far we have ignorantly argued they are man made, which is a lie, try and find proof that humans are responsible, you’ll search and search and you’ll never find “proof”.

  • If you believe Sylvia Browne, it is your personal choice and we can’t help you.

    We deal with real naturalistic science here, not mentalists.

  • People that make outrageous claims that contain no proof are almost always wrong and usually do it because there are people in the world who for some reason (like being ignorant, stupid, crazy, or are susceptible to believing false information) , are willing to believe things like that. You probably have more chance of getting killed by a asteroid the size of a baseball than than having that prediction actually come true.

    • hey, chuckster, i don’t know if you’ve ever seen that tv show, “a thousand ways to die”, but in fact they had a segment about some guy, a jesus freak, in fact, who was irritating people at a party. he was out in the yard, standing by him self, when he got hit with a small asteroid that tore through his upper body. and if you really think about it, that asteroid was probably traveling through space for millions of years, looooong before this guy was even born. and he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the asteroid hit him. it was almost like sort of a destined, fatal meeting between the two, the guy and the asteroid. sort of shakespearean, in a way, like that quote from shakespeare that goes some thing like, “i’ve been digging your grave long before you were born.” what are the odds of some one standing in the path of an object that was traveling for millions of years….. just a really weird thought if you sit and ponder it…

  • First of all, Sylvia Brown is a charlatan and a fraud…So don’t put much credence in anything (or any psychic for that matter) says…

  • lol, yeah. Thats all based on the fact that the ancient Mayan calander ends in the year 2012. So what? They had to stop writing it out on some date. There are like a thousand theories on why the earth will end in 2012, when its all conjecture anyways.

  • Isn’t that the same person that claimed that an alien ship 1000 miles long would suddenly appear in Earth’s sky in October 2008?
    And bingo – nothing happened, it didn’t appear.

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