Home Discussion Forum i heard there is a vagina worshipping religion...YONI TANTRA...how do i get...

i heard there is a vagina worshipping religion…YONI TANTRA…how do i get in?

I am looking to find a group of diattic wiccan witches that believe in a women god. I’d love to be their slave and worship their yonis. where can i find this?


  1. Jake, you are really confused. Most men already worship vagina’s anyway and don’t have the need to join any particular cult, sect or religion. Maybe you should just get a “grip”.

  2. what is this, a how many s e x puns we can make in one question contest
    how do i get in?
    thats just wrong sir.

  3. all religions worship the vagina.
    what do you think christanity means when it talks about ”the holy grail”
    all religion is founded on sex. people where stupid and they did not understand it.


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