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I hear voices in my head and so do most the people around me is that telepathy or claravoyence,skitzophrenia?

voicses are usualy going on and are of people I interact with visuals are common too I always THOUGHT i was highly inteligent but not a HIGHER INTELIGENCE
people being able to check spelling on a computer dosent mean your smart and no i kan tell whats in my head and not and yes other people hear my voice also


  1. Uh, are you in a crowd? I hear voices in a crowd all of the time. I think they call that “talking” but I’m not very smart so what do I know.
    p.s. I’ve also heard of it being called “chatter” or “socializing” or even “chit chatting”. It happens a lot.

  2. Are other people hearing your voices, if so then those voices are in the room and not your head. I am not sure on the intelligence side of things as your spelling is horrendous and you don’t use the spell checker.


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