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I hear voices at night?

Its always my name called. It happens usually several times a week right before I go to sleep, while I’m lying still and just about asleep. It varies in gender sometimes, and its always different people, as in it’s never the same voice twice. Sometimes it happens several times a night. The first time it was a man’s really deep voice. I don’t recognize any of these voices either. It always seems like they’re right beside my head though and it’s loud enough to startle me awake. The voices seem to be urgent most of the time, like the intention is to wake me up. So rather than, “Tyler,” it would sound more like “TYLER!”
I’ve never felt this house was haunted, and I’ve never had trouble sleeping except when the voices keep me awake. I’ve never felt threatened either, except for really late at night sometimes in my kitchen, which attaches to my room. My brother hasn’t been able to sleep well since we’ve moved here (we share a room) and he constantly kicks and tosses around. I’ve read about several experiences like mine but I’m not sure what to make of it…
Sometimes I also see things out of the corner of my eye, like yesterday I went to the bathroom and could have sworn I saw a face in the shower where there is only smooth white siding. It’s not like just seeing shadows, because I’ll always know what I see. It could be a hat I’ve never seen, or a robe or anything up to small animals like dogs and cats that won’t be there when I turn to see what it is.
This only seems to happen if I sleep on my back. My brother is 11 now, he was 10 when we moved here. He is at his dads for this half of the summer, though and I still see things, but I’ve not heard anything as of late. I have heard things, though, while he wasn’t here before. As for hearing, I do not suffer hearing loss, its nearly perfect. When I was younger I also used to have sleep paralysis, but that has not happened in a long time. I’ve noticed also that it doesn’t happen in any other room other than my bedroom. If I decide to take a nap or lay down on the couch on my back it doesn’t happen.


  1. Auditory hallucinations.
    When I was a child, I also thought I could hear someone calling my name as I fell asleep. It’s pretty common and signifies nothing but a misfiring in the developing brain.

  2. If you believe in God, I’ll suggest what you should do, if you don’t I’ll give you some advise: don’t use a ouija board.
    It sounds like it could be a ghost. I suggest you pray to God so help send the spirit back into the spiritual world. It could simply be asking for your help.

  3. It happened to me once or twice, and jolted me right awake, except that when I woke up I was able to recall that the voice, although it woke me up, came indeed from my inside dream and was not a discarnate entity. Sometimes we’re confused when we wake up, I was as it was a realistic dreams but dreams have different degrees or realism and intensity.

  4. Get a preach to go through your house. Or maybe your just hallucinating i always hear voices but only when i drink coffee. I hear someone call my name and it sounds like my sister or mom but when i go to them they say they didn’t call me. Or either that or your house is DEFINITELY haunted >:O


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