• HA! Dr. Doom http://www.eddamespredictions.com/lp/time-travel
    Yea, he’s a serious guy.

    In the works of
    it was said that to begin lucid dreaming one must remember, in the dream, to look at your hands. Seems to me that this would be a good place to start because once you have taken control of the dream, you can go where you will, having disconnected from the limitations of the flesh and of this consensus reality.

  • When the great love story blossoms before thy misty eyes, It will begin to capture the sweetest story that is deeper than the sea..It’s simple truth about the love it brings to..
    So where do we start?

    It fills the heart with very special things, with angel’s songs and wild imaginings..
    Ooh..It fills the soul with so much love, that anywhere you go. You’ll never be lonely, with her along who could be lonely. You reach for her mind, it’s always there..

    How long does it lasts! Can that love be measured by the hours in a day?
    I have no answers now but this much I can say..
    To need that one til’ the stars all burn away..

    And I feel you’re serious as much as I am dear..

    Now, let’s fly away to the moon…

    Just ‘missed you awhile here! Have wonderful times..!

  • I’ve never astral traveled but if i were to attempt it I think a good place to begin would be on a very high mountain peak. Once you’ve trekked to the top and survived, then remain there practicing deep, prolonged states of meditation. Close your eyes, try sitting in the lotus position, and shut down your senses until you feel, see, hear, taste, smell nothing of this world. So much that you could open your eyes and still see nothing in front of you. Shut yourself off.

    It may help to chant the words: Buuuuuu-dahhhhhh repeatedly.

    If you haven’t died from starvation yet, then eventually your mind’s eye will open and you should transition into a state of no-mind where you will soar throughout the galaxy. Then, once you awaken, descend from atop the mountain into the villages below and spit forth your understandings.

    Astral travel can also be achieved anywhere, such as your office desk at work if you’re afraid of heights, or just lazy, and aren’t afraid of getting fired. People have also been known to astral travel in their car while driving, but that can be dangerous.

  • you’ll begin in your bed (if not your bed, than wherever you sleep… couch, lawn chair, sleeping bag – whatever)

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