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I have tiger’s-eye colored eyes(like the gem stone) what color eyeshadow do u think can really bring them out?

In certian light golden flecks are easily picked up,but from far away they look dark brown almost black. I have Espresso colored hair and tan skin (very Disney Pocahantas/Jasmine looking)


  • I’ve got hazel eyes that will change from olive green to tigereye or amber. I have never heard of someone else with the same color. It is tigereye most of the time.

  • My sister has that color, what I can recommend is the new colors she just bought from bee luscious cosmetics that look so incredible:

    Mineral eye shadows in Gold Minx,Topaz and Brazilian Nut sooooo gorgeous!

  • I would suggest metallic coppers-Physician’s Formula-found at CVS, Walgreens, etc-has really great strips with multiple colors that can be used all over the face-they are super great. I would suggest sunset strip for you.

  • oh definitely wear a gold or bronze colored eyeshadow, which will really bring out those gold flecks. another thing to try would be using a purple/burgundy color to compliment the gold tones.

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