Home Discussion Forum I have the feeling I can see auras?

I have the feeling I can see auras?

I don’t see auras with my eyes…I feel them around people and can see the colors in my mind…Quite fascinating actually.
Are there more people who have been experiencing the same thing?


  1. Feeling things that aren’t there and seeing them in your mind is called imagination.
    Yes, lots of people seem to suffer from imagination.

  2. It is possible to sense things you can’t see. Your eyes are not the only sensory organs you have. If people weren’t so against ESP maybe they could use it. I suspect everyone has the ability, but it is trained out of them by parents, religion, and schools.

  3. Quite fascinating. Very creative of you. You should write a book about it, you will probably get a decent sized new age following.

  4. Yes that is fasinating! Its like a 6th sense! There’s also this thing called a “third eye” where you can actualy see people’s auras!

  5. Yes, everyone can do that, you’re using your imagination.
    It the same thing billions of people do yearly when they’re trying to decide what color to paint their living room.

  6. Anna,that’s really cool.I have only read about some people that can see them and most are thought to be psychic.
    Tomb Raider

  7. i have a friend who says she has the same thing… she says they almost look like heat on a desert road and the impression of color is a sense of what it would look like instead of actually seeing a color. she says she’s been seeing them all her life and kind of has to squint to “see: it because she is so used to it being there…. she doesnt usually talk about it because she says people think shes nuts.


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