Home Discussion Forum i have some questoins about seeing auras!!!?

i have some questoins about seeing auras!!!?

I’m a beginer in learning how to see auras. I started 2 or three days ago. I have also been meditating right before I go to bed for around 10 minutes each night,trying to relax and open my chakras. I just hav a few questions. It’s only happened two times to my vision but when I’m focusing a kinda misty fog came around the outside of my vision. Is it normal or am i straining to much? Also when I was seeing the aura of a book (red) I would look away and I will see spots of the same color of the books aura. If u could give me some excercises to help with seeing auras that would be nice.


  1. You can practice this until the cows come home. it will not make an iota of difference as there is simply no such thing. You can pretend all you like to try and make yourself feel precious, but pretending to see something that is not there makes you simple, not special.

  2. I’ve figured out your problem – auras and chakras don’t exist. You’re taking fiction seriously. If you stare at something too long, your eyes will suffer from retinal fatigue, and that’s the ‘fog’ or color you see when you do that – but it’s not really there, it’s just your eyes getting tired. The other thing you mentioned – starting at something for a while and then looking away and seeing the color – is the same effect. Just your eyes, nothing paranormal.

  3. In my opinion you are trying way to hard. I have been seeing them for roughly a few years and it just is a natural thing if you try it becomes harder and harder to achieve. If you relax and let it come naturally it’ll be a whole lot easier and as for the spots if you strain really hard they can stay sorta like when you stare at a light bulb and you see splotches for a while after.

  4. While auras are real and perceivable, perception tends to occur after one’s attention energy shifts into the spiritualized sensibility of the soulfield.
    So, meditations such as http://www.freemeditations.com offers are indirectly helpful, as soulfield clarity and coherency is often developed therewith.
    Would suggest “Studies of the Human Aura,” Kuthumi,
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Olga Kharitidi,
    “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, and
    “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov.
    You might also like http://www.towardthelight.org/neardeathstudies/suchapter.html
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  5. Understand that seeing auras and chakra work take practice just like anything else. I think it’s great you are seeing something after only two days. Be patient with yourself. Imagine how good you would be if you meditated five nights a week for a whole year! Just keep doing what you are doing and allow your skills to grow.


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