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I have serious emotions problems and need to see someone that specializes in energy and energy healing?

by arizonaoutback:

I would like to talk to someone that specializes or can see energy/aka cords, chakrahs, emotional blocks, etc.. what kind of person should I go to???

Answer by Paul S, Bullfighter
None of the above. That stuff is all just nonsense.
Frankly, if you have serious emotional problems, your best bet is probably a medical doctor, combined with regular walks outdoors.


  1. Dear misc., you need to take heed to what your answerers have been telling you. In all their different ways, they have been saying to you ‘don’t go there’.
    We can only warn. It is the kindest thing to do, when we see a person about to make a serious mistake.
    I wonder, if you have had to do with this kind of thing before, since you say you have serious emotional problem, because your problems will not be healed with this kind of contact – rather, I would say, worsened. That’s what contact with the occult does (oh, you didn’t know it was the occult? – well it is). People who dabble in this come away with a worse problem than when they came. You always get a little ‘cookie’ for visiting the site! It classically manifests in just the sort of problem you’re suffering from already.
    What kind of a person should you go to? Well, you need to either go to your doctor (nice, sensible advice) or go to a Christian who knows their God, to pray for you, if you’re not up to it yourself (as Tim advised) – or both.
    I know it’s not as exciting as the other way you’re going after, but it is much safer – honestly – and you do want to get better, don’t you?


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