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I have recently started using tarot cards and was wondering if someone could help better explain?

I used a 9 card layout and this is what came out.
Wheel of Fortune (reversed)
Two of Hearts
Nine of Pentacles
The Chariot
Ace of Wands (reversed)
Six of Pentacles
Ten of Wands (reversed)
Eight of Swords (reversed)
Five of Wands (reversed)


  1. You need to listen to what’s going on in your head.
    What meaning do these cards evoke to you?
    Tarot is like self psychoanalysis.
    Look at the pictures. What parallels can you draw from them to your real life?

  2. In order to help you interpret them we would need to know what the positions are. However, if you just need another source of potential definitions for each card I would recommend. learntarot.com
    Good Luck. I hope this helps. 😀

  3. a couple of great books:
    Anything by Mary K. Greer, such as “Tarot for Your Self”
    I’ve used a book for years by Julie Sharman-Burke on understanding tarot, I think its out of print.
    It also depends a great deal on the spread, not just the meaning of each card and the influence of the cards around each card.
    What spread are you using?

  4. It would help if we knew the significators (What card is in what place ie. Past present future, what others think etc,) But I’m guessing you did past present future.
    Looks like the issue here is getting the ball rolling in general WOF reversed.. You’ve been stuck in a rut, you keep throwing yourself into situations with the hope and beleif that things will work out – Chariot. only to get stuck there and stuck with other peoples problems too Ten of wands reversed. It’s okay to tell them no by the way, whos ever slack you’ve been picking up or mess youve been cleaning up after..
    two of hearts. Lots of communication going on specifically in a romance or friendship. I’m guessing you’ve had trouble getting this relationship to go anywhere and it’s probably new – AoW reversed.
    Eight of Swords eventually you will learn that you can stop worrying so much about issues that don’t really exist. You are really the only reason that this friendship or relationship is having problems.
    Future outlook says financially Nine of Pentacles you have stabilty where you go, again indicated with the six of pents this stability comes from help of friends or family. Five of wands reverse indicates this help may come at a price so beware of conflicts and fighting, more than likely for no reason.

  5. First of all I would say don’t work with reversed cards until you have mastered the dignified use of Tarot.
    When I started out with Tarot I went in at the deep end on mixed dignified/undignified shuffles.
    It’s confusing enough and with 78 cards you have enough information to deal with without giving yourself 156.
    Secondly I’d say ignore all the books and the standard meanings to start with.
    This is the piece of advice I wish I’d been given when I’d started, because Tarot is about intuition more than anything.
    Just look at the picture on the card, pay attention to anything that just pops into your head make up a story that links them together.
    With a good set of cards you’ll see different things in the images each time you use them.
    There’s nothing magical about the cards, all the magic is in you. Learning Tarot is about developing your intuition and inner self. The cards are just a tool, like a divination crystal or water diving rod.
    People use tools differently.
    Take detailed notes/photo’s of each spread you do and reference back to see how accurate you have been.
    Once you’ve become familiar with your cards then take a look at the standard interpretations and see if they match what you thought the cards ment.


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