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I have recently bought tiger's eye and it seems that the colour has changed to a blue/red colour, why is this?

– I keep it on my bedside table
– It it palm sized
– I keep it in a cotton bag
– The reason i bought it was to keep me grounded
Haha, sure it isn’t a mood stone.
It looked like a tiger’s eye stone when i got it.


  1. Are you sure it isn’t a mood stone?
    Tiger’s eye is a yellowish-brown to reddish-brown gemstone that has a silky luster. This gemstone has bands of yellow and brown; when viewed from the opposite direction, the colors are reversed. Tiger’s eye is usually highly polished and set as a cabochon (or cut as a bead) to display the stone’s chatoyancy (light reflected in thin bands within the stone). Tiger’s eye is a type of chatoyant quartz with fibrous inclusions (especially crocidolite). This stone is sometimes heat-treated. Tiger’s eye has a hardness of 7.0. Most tiger’s eye is mined in South Africa, but it is also found in Australia, Brazil, Burma (Myanmar), India, Namibia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), and the USA. Green-grey varieties of this stones are called cat’s-eye quartz. Blue-grey to bluish varieties are called hawk’s-eye. Deep brown varieties of this stone are called bull’s-eye or ox-eye.

  2. hey, Mr Grounded… did you know that the chatoyance… er, the shimmering light effect in your tiger’s eye comes from strands of a different material to the quartz that makes up most of the stone? its called crocidolite… and its basically ASBESTOS!
    muah ha ha ha ha ha
    actually, tiger’s eye was used a long time ago as lining for brake shoes.

    • It isn’t asbestos, it has been replaced by silica and is a pseudomorph, partially replaced tiger eye that has a blue tinge is called hawk eye.
      Pietersite on the other hand does include bands of brecciated asbestos that have been set by intrusive liquid silica.

  3. often shops sell ”gems” or ”crystals” (eg, tigers eye) which are actually glass, or some other material, dyed or painted or heat-treated to change their colour.
    is it possible that this could be a fake?

  4. I don’t know anything about tiger’s eye…so I googled it for you . Maybe this will explain the blue/red color.
    From Wiki…
    This article is about the gemstone. For the characters in the Sailor Moon series, see Amazon Trio
    Tiger’s eye (also Tigers eye, Tiger eye) is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually yellow- to red-brown, with a silky luster. It is a fibrous silicified crocidolite (blue asbestos), a classic example of pseudomorphous replacement. An incompletely silicified blue variant is called Hawk’s eye. A member of the quartz group, its physical and optical properties are identical or very near to those of single-crystal quartz.


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