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I have problems when i sleep. maybe hallucinations, sleep paralysis, or demon attacking me Very strange dreams?

It all started in seventh grade. I was having a bad dream when all of the sudden i woke up and i was like struck with intense fear or more like if fear was a physical force and it was holding me down because i couldnt move. I was being paralyzed but it felt more like if something was on top of me. Then something like lightning struck my back. It didnt burn or shocked me. It was very very cold. I didnt see the lightning nor did i see any sort of manifestation of fear on me, i Felt it. After a while it just seemed to stop. And by then i was extremely afraid it might come back or if i was in hell or something like that. I couldnt tell. So i was stuck under my sheets for a while. Id like to say about an hour before i got out and looked at my digital clock. It was 5:30. Now it happend at least seven times after that not exactly like the first but it still happend. It usually was without warning and some were with a dream some werent. All had a physical force like fear on me holding me down. Only did the first time it happend did i feel that sort of lightning on my back. Others had several dreams or visions while it was happening. Its been a year since its happend AND it happend again. Just this time it was very symbolic in my dreams and no physical force of fear did i feel. It was all mostly a dream. It begin in my school cafeteria. No one but two other students were there. It was very dark and ominous and the lights were dimmed. In the middle was a huge oak/mesquite like tree and the two students for hitting the walls while a flow of something like honey was comeing to there feet. They tasted some and so did I and it was the very sweetest thing i ever tasted( keep in mind i was tasting honey in my dream). The tree also had honey on it. But it was hard molded into shape of weird looking fruit. it was apparently uneatable(now that i think of it The tree of adam and eve?). I went outside and were the buses picked people up except there was no one there and the whole place seemed trashed. almost like post apocalyptic. Then out of nowhere a guy with sunglasses on in a motorcycle came to me. I knew it was satan. I dont know how i knew i just knew. he had a white beard and seemed to be middle aged. He gave me a small yellow piece of paper. It had profanity and very cruel evil things written on it.(i cant recall what it exactly said but yeah) And on the bottom seemd to be his signature. A upside down star of david with a circle around written in Red. I went back inside the cafeteria. And the students were motionless. as if there soul had left the body which was like an empty shell. The abudant flowing honey wasnt there and the tree may have disapeard. I went back outside and my parent in some sort of car bus thing had come to pick me up. I saw the piece of paper next to me. I went inside the vehicle and we drove off to some sort of place where you would see a homeless person live. We were around a fire when i went to get the paper i picked it up but by the time i was outside the vehicle (which had somehow turnd into a house thing) it was not in my hand anymore. I tried several times, each time failing. I told my parents the whole story around the fire (the next sentences all happend an a split second)Than the ground shook and my step father seemed to have tried to get away from me to get out of there. And my mother, well she just was wondering wether to abanden me or not. That when I realized where exactly i was… I was in Hell. We were all hit with Intense fear and i WOKE UP. I could still feel the fear in my bed for a while when it just stopd. And again i was in my covers for an hour wondering if i should get out. when i did it was 1:35 in the morning. I was very very scared. I stayed up untill the sun went up, My family had seemed to maybe had been affected by the hold thing. They acted very weird around me. Anyways if i havnt told u yet im in ninth grade. And i dont have a clue why the hell this happens to me. Anyone Know that have had similar experiances?


  1. It’s not demons.
    What you’re experiencing is called “hypnagogic hallucinations”. It is related to sleep paralysis, and it’s extremely common. You can look up information about it, here:
    I have it, occasionally, and I have found that the better you understand what is happening, the better you handle it when it DOES happen. What I have found, is when you start to experience it, don’t fight it. The more you struggle, the worse it tends to get. First thing you need to do is acknowledge what is happening to you. Actually SAY to yourself…”OK…I know what is happening. It is one of those hallucinations.”
    Then relax your body, and actually think in terms of falling back asleep, rather than trying to wake up. The act of relaxing will usually help you to pull out of it.
    Good luck…there’s nothing to be afraid of.

  2. I’ve had very similar dreams where I can’t move even tho I feel I am awake, when that happens I normally see things that are weird and vision like, but I don’t let it frighten me anymore because they are just manifestations my mind creates. I haven’t had one for years tho. My roommate gets them all the time, I gave her amethyst to keep by her bed to prevent bad dreams and she has stopped having them. She actually kept it under her pillow at first, but has now moved it to her nightstand.
    Don’t let them frighten you.


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