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I have problem with meditation, help?

When I sit in zazen, lotos, or some of that kind, and try to empty my mind, I just start to have crazy feeling that I want to drink and eat sweets. 🙁
It is so intense that I cannot continue my meditation. I has been so for 1 month already. I tryed to drink and eat so much that Im just too full of it in my stomach, yet I cannot remove that feeling in my mouth, wanting something to eat / drink, that I cannot satisfy in any way. Its difficult to describe this feeling, but if someone asked me to, I would name it “oral hunger”.
Please help. ;(
ehm, ok I will give a hint:
It has something to do with what Freud called an “oral phase”, or the Grof’s returning to the babyhood during holotropic sessions and starving for the mother’s breast.
The meditation does work, but this feeling is just insane, if think it would stop only if I’d cut my tongue out. This is not another thought.
The problem is that it doesnt get removed, or does it get any better.
I had the simmilar feeling when I tryed to quit smoking last year, and now I haven’t smoke for months.
And although I do not have a desire to smoke, I have this feeling in my mouth, kind of a hunger.
And when I sit for meditation this feeling comes out. :/


  1. I’ve always laid on my bed and counted down from 100 to Zero. When there, just keep telling yourself your body is falling asleep but your mind is a wake. That’s what works for me.

  2. Something inside you is telling you to take a break from meditation. Perhaps you should try less. Give it a rest.
    Normally I would suggest you meditate about the problem, but …..

  3. The idea is to “label” (without being unkind toward yourself) the feeling as “thinking” and return to the breath.
    Stuffing yourself may make your meditation a fight against sleepiness and that will gain you no result at best.

  4. get a mala and count the 108 beads. It will help you focus. Or get a small zen garden and play with the sand while you meditate. Or add some nice zen music. You can also get a murti of bodhidharma or a daruma doll all to aid you in mindfulness.gluck


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