Home Discussion Forum I have my own tarot, astrological type concepts i mad eup myself?

I have my own tarot, astrological type concepts i mad eup myself?

But they really work , wanna see them?


  1. astrology is the other half to those so dont let people lie to you becuase they thing yu know as much as them your little game on every one is over i suppose,. so poem go compose

  2. Does anyone understand what the guy above me said? Because I cant get from one word to the next.
    Mysticism is a farce.
    Mysticism is the result of desperate, small minds trying to find validation and purpose and power.
    Its important for most to believe there is a reason to their suffering… that it is a part of a greater purpose, a divine plan, and is unavoidable or integral.
    For the same reason people are conspiracy theorists… they need to believe they are a part of a greater picture. That their issues in life are not their fault. That someone or something beyond their control has made these decision for them. That they are a victim or a pawn in a greater game.
    It makes them feel more special. It makes them feel less at fault and less responsible for their own choices in life and the path it has led them down. No one likes feeling guilty or regretful for their mistakes. Its always “the other guys fault”.
    We all are guilty of it, mystic or not. We take pride in our accomplishments and never thank “God” for them… but when shiiit happens, God is the first one to get blamed, usually. If not God then someone else. We are so smart when we ace that math test… but when we fail that math test, the teacher was just too rigid with his grading… right?
    Being mystic is the illusion of having faith in a spiritual world. I will explain later why its untrue, that mysticism and spiritualism are contradictory. But for the moment, mystics believe they are more rooted in spiritualism than other people. This is because of their ritualism and the tangible, physical objects that have spiritual meaning to them. They believe themselves more aware of the spiritual world because of their faith in their practices.
    This spiritualism is more obvious to them… bringing possibly a greater faith and surety to their spiritual beliefs. This causes them to feel more in touch with the spirit world and their god(s)… thereby seeming that their religion is more validated. This increases their sense of connection and purpose.
    I know I am smearing the lines between mysticism and religion. One can have religious faith, pray to god, even believe in fate, without being mystical. There are plenty of people of all sorts of religions that give credence to a large variety of mysticisms. The faith they put in these mystical practices are themselves a religion.
    Mystics want power, too. Quite often I find mystics, witchcrafters, that believe they can exact revenge anonymously. Mystics want to know their own fate, they want to find a way of predicting their own destinies, manipulating their own futures.. .and even gaining insights into other people.
    Once again, the mentality is that “I dont want to have to change to better my life, I want the world around me to change”
    Mysticism is about gaining knowledge, and knowledge is power. Its about gaining power directly, through spiritual influence. Mysticism is a corruption of spiritualism.
    Mysticism undermines spiritualism. Like Newtonian physics, all the world can be reduced to a set of equations. It leaves spiritualism and quantum uncertainty out of the question.
    Mysticism is the belief that the spiritual world is manifest in the physical world. That objects and trinkets, the slicing of a chickens neck, a few chants, a little ritualism, the position you place your plant in the house, walking under a latter, or the lines on your hand… all give some insight to spiritual matters. Its the belief that one can gain insight into the spiritual by paying attention to the physical. Its the idea that one can manipulate the spiritual by manipulating the physical.
    The problem is that this removes all spirituality from the world. If you believe that all of the physical and spiritual world, all events, all destiny, can all be connected to one another in this predictable pattern, then you are conceptualizing a set of equations, causality.
    By believing that fate exists, you must concede that choice is irrelevant. Including the choice you made to perform a mystical ritualism to change fate. Mysticism undermines itself… by removing choice from the equation. They believe that fate exists… they believe that their mysticisms can give themselves power and insights over others and over themselves, outside of any other choices either may make.
    Mysticism reduces spiritualism into a matter of physical relationships that are predictable… and in doing so all choice, the human soul, is negated.
    A true spiritualist is one who believes that the soul transcends the physical world, and that choice is independent of someones basement rituals.


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