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I have loose joints and I want to start practicing yoga at home. Will I injure myself?

I have never taking any classes or had any training. I can’t find any local classes. I think the postures will help me strengthen my muscles and joints. I just really don’t want to hyper extent or injury myself.


  1. The key thing in yoga is to move at your own pace and adjusting for your body.
    It is certainly invaluable to have a knowledgeable teacher, especially if you fit the criteria for something like hypermobility.
    Some questions I would ask;
    -Have you worked with a physio-therapist in the past for the issue that you have and could you contact them to find out if there are any particular poses that you should modify or stay away from?
    -What joints have you had the most difficulty with?
    -What poses have you done that you felt uncomfortable with? Have you researched the pose and its possible modifications to incorporate your particular range of motion?
    There are many online resources that can be utilized that will allow you to be in contact with professional yoga therapists that will either point you in the right direction of knowledge or will give you their specific insight into modifications.
    You will benefit from yoga for certain, just don’t try to press it quickly.. I view it like teeth and braces.. if we were to crank on a persons crooked teeth hard and quick we would cause damage, but an orthodontist puts braces on a persons teeth that slowly over a year or years slowly straightens teeth out.. same goes for yoga and our muslces/joints/tendons
    Best of luck in your practice
    PS. if you want any help looking further into online resources let me know and I am more then willing to help find more.

  2. I have loose knee tendons and yoga helps me to build my muscular strength. HOWEVER, I hyper-extend and have extremely open hips ( in fact, improper yoga practice contributed to the knee injury) so I strongly recommend having a certified yoga instructor, even if only once. Sometimes there may not be a regular class but there may be a weekend workshop nearby. Where are you located?
    You may try yogajournal.com for more advice.
    Yoga can absolutely help you, but if done incorrectly, it CAN harm.

  3. Yoga will strengthen everything. Good for you to know that you are hyper extending. Most people don’t realize that. Take charge of your body, experience and yoga practice by keeping the hyper mobility in mind. Most people with super flexibility sacrifice stability for flexibility. Keep the knees slightly bent on all poses and it will strengthen the muscles around the join, as well as stabilize the effort and action of the muscles working.
    Finding a good teacher is important, one who can tell you what muscles to use, and where you should be feeling a pose. If there are really no teachers in your area, then check out the book “The key muscles of yoga” by Ray Long. it will show you what to use, why and how for a hand full of main poses.
    good for you for getting started!
    best of luck


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