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i have just set up a new Reiki therapy business in central london, were would be best to advertise services?


  1. Maybe you should elaborate on what Reiki therapy is. But a good idea is to create some sort of press release for your business. Perhaps it’s something new to the area. Contact local reporters for the news paper and see if they would be interested in creating a story on you and your new business. Advertising in a local directory would also be great. Contact chiropracters in your area and see if they would be interested in partnering for advertising.

  2. Advertising may not be the most effective way of getting new clients for you, to be brutally honest.
    Small professional services businesses tend to do better with other methods of promoting themselves.
    I have grown a very successful business using the Get Clients Now! http://www.mcssl.com/app/aftrack.asp?afid=693451 system pioneered by C J Hayden, and can thoroughly recommend it. (Although she is American, the system works really well over here because it is practical, down to earth, and the results are measurable inside a month!).
    David Nicoll
    “the accountant with attitude”

  3. Advertising is very hit and miss unless it’s carefully targeted. If you specialise in treatments for particular people or ailments, target where you’ll find your market. For example, one Reiki practitioner we know specialises in treating rugby players and horses.
    If you’re in Central London, it might be worth targeting the business community, offering treatments at lunch time or before and after work. Networking is one of the best ways of spreading the word. Groups like BRX, BNI, Chamber of Commerce and Business Link all have regular meetings. Social networking is good too. Contact me for an introduction to a social networking group that has a large number of London business members and a free level of membership.
    Do you belong to any professional bodies? Get listed in their directories. People like to feel they’re dealing with someone ‘professional’ and they’ll look in their directories for a practitioner near them.
    Good luck!
    (I’m a qualified NLP practitioner, hypnotist and Time Line Therapist so I understand what you’re asking about.)


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