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i have inherited a large collection of crystal and amethyst, how do i find out what its worth?

some of it is very old and i’ve already had lowball offers for it. i don’t want to get taken


  1. Jewelry stores are interested in gemstones only if they are already cut and polished. Remember that ALL crystals and amethysts are old – eons old! That doesn’t mean a thing. Condition of the rocks is important as is the clarity and in the case of amethysts, how deep the color is. You need to take your collection to a rock show (not the music kind) and ask for help. Most of the old-timers there will be able to give you a good idea of worth. Don’t be disappointed if the price isn’t as high as you hoped. Rock shows can be found by Googling for them online or by checking the calendar section of any gem and mineral or bead magazine. Good luck! — Bjo

  2. Is this jewelry or glassware?
    If glassware, you can pick up books at the library or bookstore. Unfortunately, what they list as what it’s worth and what you’ll actually get for it are two different things. But at least you’ll have a better idea of what it’s worth.
    You could also try contacting a local antique auction house. They usually have people working there that are training in pricing items, though there may be a fee…just ask first.


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