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I have heard that yoga is considered a form of Witchcraft, if you believe this can you explain why?

I am curious about the origin of this belief, and exactly what about yoga is considered witchcraft.
Is it the exercise or the breathing e.t.c


  1. witchcraft is a general term people may use if they have little knowledge in the difference between witchcraft and the occult.

  2. Wow….that is pathetic if people actually consider it “witchcraft.”
    No it’s not witchcraft, it’s a form of exercise that can help with flexibility. Only way I can see how some people justify calling it “witchcraft” is that it wasn’t invented by their faith.

  3. Some christians will consider anything which non-christians came up with as witchcraft.
    Yoga does originally serve a pretty religious function in India. But I saw a pretty cool analogy on a christian meditation site. They compared methods like this to frames of paintings. I think that makes sense. It’s not the content, just the approach.

  4. Never heard of it as witchcraft, but some ppl think it’s a cult to be wary of, LOL eg my sister-in-law. Sad but true.

  5. Yoga is used by Buddhists for working towards enlightenment. There are specific chants that are used during yoga for spiritual purposes. Only in modern times has it really exploded as part of an exercise regime. This would be the “reason” some consider it witchcraft. As others have said, old school fundy christians tend to think everything outside of Christianity is dealing with witchcraft and the devil.

  6. Actually, yoga has it’s roots in Hinduism. That’s why some Christians believe you shouldn’t take part in it. They say that since it is from another religion, you shouldn’t participate. It’s not witchcraft.

  7. christians believe that everything that *isn’t* christianity is a form of devil worship/witchcraft or whatever. the health benefits of yoga are impressive, the devil worship/witchcraft stuff is a load of crap.

  8. Apparently the actions of Yoga APPARENTLY opens one’s self up to Satan. Apparently like Witchcraft apparently.
    In reality I’m betting it’s more a case of some Fundy listing everything they don’t like and labelling that Satanic. Meaning totally different & conflicting things are lumbered together.

  9. No. Not at all believe me. I am practicing it since childhood. It is just a breathing exercise combined with body and mind. It improves your inner strength. It improves your health drastically reducing your medical bills.
    Please don’t believe such nonsense.
    Do it for yourself under guidance of able teacher and experience the change.
    Cheers !!!

  10. The word “witchcraft” has been bandied about for so long it no longer has any actual meaning of it’s own. For centuries now the Christians have branded any practice of which they disapproved as “witchcraft” and claimed it was actually devil worship, they said that about the Jews for over a thousand years, many of them still do, they said it about the Hindu, the Native Americans, in some cases even about each other. This being the case it makes just as much sense to call Yoga witchcraft as it does to apply the term to anything else.

  11. Yes, it is. Yoga is satanic worship, and Lululemon athletica is their church.
    ( But no, it really isn’t.If you’re still in doubt even now, try visiting a Yoga studio. You’ll likely like or at least appreciate what they’re all about.)

  12. If you consider witchcraft in a modern way like Wicca, then I see many common points with yoga. Yogis are using postures and breathing exercises to control prana – the energy from universe that is in a male and female form. They are also focused to unite these two energies. In Wicca or if you like to call it witchcraft its all about the union of the Goddess and horned God which are archetype of female and male energy. The control of that energy (in yoga -prana) is called magic. Yogis who were able to control prana achieved enlightenment and were able to use this energy to control other things. Witchcraft is just another form of controlling energy and using to achieve things in life.

  13. I was at a two day get away with a woman who teaches yoga .. And a friend 2001 I had bad luck I truly believe she put energy on my family I thought she was a goid friend .this was when I got home from a two day hol .. She got my friend to ask me if I would like to go on this trip .she didn’t. While we were over on this island in Perth we were going on a bus trip around the island .. Thinking she was coming she didn’t so me and our friend went .. I thought it kinda strange that she didn’t come .. She had a worried look on her face and was putting hair rollers in her hair when me and the other girl left. I didn’t question this why isn’t she comin too .i thing she got my friend to ask me to go to this island .she didn’t I truly think she put bad luck on me . As soon as I got home three nights we had two car accidents plus a near house fire. .. I never thought anything of I t until my mother in law asked me .. Is that woman into witchcraft ..i sort of was in shock .. Then over the yrs bad things hspoenrd to us .. When she had been around .. My mother I law died 15 yrs ago .i wish I had pursued it sooner I no longer see this teacher yoga and don’t wish too .. I herd she was wanting my addy I told my friend not to give it out .. And since not having contact with her nothing negative has happened ..wgat r your views

  14. I think my yoga ex yoga teacher pit a spell on my family but since not having any thong to do with her
    Its been better. Whenever she was as round thongs would happen



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