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I have had the worse luck lately and I feel like my chi or aura or something has to be out of whack.?

Is there anyway to fix myself. It sounds funny, but I feel cursed. I joke about going to see a witch doctor, but is there something out there that could seriously help fix my luck or my charma?


  • Hello Ashley

    There are many ways to cheer up your energies.

    Talk to someone, get things of your chest.

    Visit a healer, get another to recharge & heal the problem.

    Learn how to meditate.

    Practice guided meditations.

    Practice positive affirmations.

    Think positive in general.

    Be honest with yourself.


  • sit down and meditate, slowly, focus on finding your blocks,
    if it helps rub your hands together during daylight and just hold them up towards sunlight replenishing your energy, also when you get that buzzing feeling in your hands, hold them over your head where the source of outside energy would normally come through(some ppl call it the crown chakra), if you think you’re cursed, find out what mental images are throbbing inside of you, focus on them feel them…remember always breathe slowly and through your nose it helps you focus….

  • when we are down or go Thur something we are to of learn something sometime we understand other times we do not you go Thur life learning the good to appreciate it and to know the difference when things are down
    there is one thing i know you clean your aura get a chair and incense take a bath light the incense while after taking a bath and let the smoke go around you body set the incense in big coffee can put something on bottom of the can to protect the floor under the chair wrap the sheet around you and the chair while the incense is burning let the spiritual smoke cleanse the body
    you may go on a spiritual journey tho

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