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I Have Had It With My Gym Teacher!!!!?

First of all her name is Mrs.Hanke and she is an old 59 year old hag.
Today in GYM class she made 12 kids sit out and there are 19 in our class. I was one of the people that sat out. Let me start from the beginning. In gym we were doing ‘Chin-Ups.’ So after I do one chin up 1 get bored. I end up walking toward the ‘Indo-Board’ and get on it and ‘surf’ it. She spotted me and made me sit out with 4 other kids that were around me. So that covers 4 of us. She made one kid sit out because she saw her looking at her friend. She makes 2 kids sit out because they didn’t know what to do because she never gave us directions. Finally she make 5 kids sit out because they were shooting baskets from the three point line. At the end of gym class that rigid old clown gives us ‘Time-Out Sheets’ in 5th grade, I mean are you kidding me? She says to us that we are an embarrassment. Really are you serious? She made US sit out for no good dirty reason. She says to one kid- “You didn’t do anything, your group did.”- and she still makes him sit out. She made one kid cry a gallon of tears. She doesn’t even have a heart for kids. Really????!!!!! Gimme a BREAK! She makes us and out parents sign the dumb ‘Time-Out Sheet.’ She says she ran out of copies because she has never sat so many people out in her career. Shat career? You are gonna fall any minute… She tells my teacher that it was all our fault. Hanke makes us sit in a circle and tell that hag what we did wrong. We are in 5th GRADE! So there ends up being 7 people having fun and 12 sucking up our tears. There are more than half of the people crying and does she care? NO!
So if you have any edvice to get rid of here, TELL ME! I want to know.
I am sorry it is so long but I have got a lot to wright about my GYM teacher being a total loozer…
She always make me sit out.
She is not gonna be my gym teacher forever, because in 6th grade we change….


  1. First of all, your not even supposed to be on this website if your in 5th grade and maybe you could get right to the important stuff instead of ranting.
    But anyway, she reminds me of my biology teacher last year, blaming people for evreything that goes wrong and not even once acknowledging the fact that she could possibly be at fault.
    Just talk to the principal or something and tell him/her that she’s unfairly getting you and your classmates in trouble for things that you shouldn’t be getting in trouble for.

  2. Your teacher made you sit out…:(
    Get over it. Seriously? Not that big a deal. Time-Out Sheets in 5th grade, not that outrageous, considering I was there 2 years ago, and they did that for us too. Shes not a total “loser”. And, no, she probably doesnt care if you cry b/c theres no reason to.
    You dont have her forever, remember that~
    Honestly…Im not trying to be rude, but you need to get alittle more mature about the situation. Yeah you’re in 5th grade, but by then you need to know theres always gonna be people you dislike and people you like in the world. You associate with both the rest of your life.

  3. She has every right to sit u out…u disobeyed rules cause u were “bored’. Other kids were messing around, If I was the teacher u all would be doing laps outside in the cold, rain or whatever.
    What u need is to settle down, do your work in gym and other classes since u cant spell, and get over it. In the future I suggest u listen, learn and follow the rules…it will make life simpler and more pleasant.


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