Home Discussion Forum i have had a dream i'd like help in analyzing.?

i have had a dream i'd like help in analyzing.?

i dreamed that i was at an ashram, and there were several statues of Buddha there, along w/several ppl praying and meditating. up until i begin doing so, i feel anxious and afraid. i settle at a statue that has a small zen garden and waterfall in front of it. i see a card there, w/meditations written on it. i begin to meditate, and i feel better. Suddenly, my mom is there, and she is eating something that i can’t readily identify. then, coming through the temple is an ox-drawn cart w/a man leading the ox, which is a rather skinny creature. several ppl come off of the cart, but the most noticible is someone i’m told is a local lama, who is meeting w/local important ppl in the village in a private meeting. Suddenly, i’m no longer in the temple, but i’m driving down a road flooded w/water, and i’m having to swerve to miss ppl in the road, and i’m not always successful. whenever i hit someone, and can’t stop, i start to cry uncontrollably. what does this dream mean?


  1. Maybe, Siddharta Gautama Buddha wants to tell you something that you don’t believe and he wants you to believe that stuff.

  2. People you admire and respect are always going to be an example in your Life, as long as you stay true to yourself and your Belief, you will be OK. Try not to let others influence you, you want to do the right thing, and you feel torn at times. Don’t get frustrated when things happen that are not of your Control, it will all work out in the end.
    : )

  3. do not over analyze your dream.
    It’s just your subconscience playing tricks on you. you could be worried about work may be your feeling overwhemled at work. etc the list goes on and on

  4. first-buddha means holiness and wisdom. second-people means you will meet new and valuable friends. praying-means wanting something, this is a warning which you should avoid of worldly pleasures.,meditate-means concentration of all the things your doing.,eating-means contentment.,mother-means you will gain the esteem of the world through your uprightness. village-,means contented life., cards-means depends on the situation, meaning in general its a warning of deceit or opposite of it .waterfall-meanspresages of great happiness through understandinfg of life,with many friends and plenty of money.,crying means- foretells success in an important undertakins.,road -means if the road with green trees and pleasant fields is an indication of happy home life with faithfull mate.,now i will interpret your dreams.,although you arent religeous person in real life, but you believe that theres someone up there guiding you, you are righteous and have strong will and you know the right and wrong. you are sometimes afraid to trust or giving your trust to some people. buddha as you seen in dreams, it means you are a kind of person with good attitude and full of wisdom, there were some hindrance to fullfill your ambitions, but you are determine of pursuing it. seeing your mother eating something means being uprightness person you will be successfull in all your endeavors. and village in your dreams., means as soon as all your plans/ambition push through, then the contentment will be yours. you will meet new friends, important person, but the cards showed and the its a warning. although you will work hard to whatever your plans, you will be happy and contented because you were blessed (buddha-holiness). and in the end happiness will yours. in short., you will strive more to fullfill your ambitions, and you will be successfull, and after the success, contentment in life, happiness will follow. take care and Good luck to you.


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