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I have had a a few dreams about my first boyfriend. I have been married to my husband for 23 years!?

In the dream, I am always trying to decide between the two. I am married to my husband, but the boyfriend comes along.
I don’t want to make too much of this….but why is this happening?
I love my husband, but I can’t seem to get that old boyfriend out of my subconscious mind.


  1. Did your relationship with the boyfriend end with some questions? Maybe you still have some of those ‘what ifs’ lingering in your mind.

  2. Maybe yu just really liked him. You can never forget a first bf. Have you seen any first bf movies lately? You shouldn’t be too worried. (bf means boy friend)

  3. its perfectly normal i bet everyone does it especially after being married for 23 years i mean it doesnt mean anything dont worry about it

  4. Me too. Just enjoy the dream….it is a dream and probably set off by something you see during the day and has nothing to do with loving your hubby

  5. Don’t worry it’s nothing. I’ve dreamed about some odd things before and it meant nothing to me. It’s probably just because you’ve been thinking about him. Just because you dream it doesn’t mean it’ll happen for real.

  6. what do you see in the dreams something might happend to him and you are just sensing it 6th sense it might sound stupid but its not some people have strong feelings and senses

  7. you never forget your first love. your first love is with you forever. Its probably nothing. I mean, you probably don’t even know this person anymore, and having thoughts doesn’t hurt anyone. Don’t worry about it.

  8. I’ve been with the same guy for 9 years, and the same thing happens to me. (And our relationship is great, by the way.) I, like you, wonder why this is! At least I know it’s not just me!

  9. It sounds as though you and your husband need “refreshed”. You are getting these dreams because you are board or comfortable. This is normal. I would suggest that you two concentrate on each other. Set up a date night, or go away for a romantic weekend.

  10. Maybe you may think of someone and its not a big deal, but I can read you from these few sentences and it sounds like you aren’t happy with the husband. Just leave the guy get it over with…like a band-aid.
    ….I mean that is the answer you were looking for right? (conscious or subconsciously)

  11. same her i likesome one but my ex is sometimes in my mind but i just try to forget him but it doesnt work soi just would play sports ordu somethin i like so i would not think of him

  12. You should take a break-maybe go a vacay somewhere alone and think:
    Did you have a long strong realtionship with your boyfriend?
    Are you having a happy strong marrage with your husband?
    What would make you remember your boyfriend so much?

  13. He was your first love and he will always be special to you. This is completely normal, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything, it is just a dream. You probably saw something in the day that reminded you of him. If you know you are happy with your husband deep down, then there is nothing to worry about! xx

  14. Same thing happens to me, it’s been about the same length of time for me, too. I just chalk it up as old memories coming back to visit.

  15. strange, just forget about him. show urself y u left him in the first place, either cuz he did something rong, or cuz u love ur husband more. figure out the real reason, and if it still applies, then dont worry about it! if it doesnt still apply and u think u love the other boyfriend more, then go back and ask if he still thinks about u…but choose wisely. ur husband wont want u back if u leave now!

  16. You are always going to dream about your past. Even if you dont think about it you are going to have that in your mind. I dream all the time about my ex’s and boy am I glad that they are only dreams they were so out of my league but me I didnt realize it i was young.

  17. Memories won’t vanish. They will still be there forever, and sometimes they will pop up on dreams, for example. Every single memory stays on your mind, but people “organize” what memories they need on their life, otherwise, we would really have problems.
    It doesn’t mean anything ,really.

  18. If you love your husband, then I think its purely symbolic. You are missing something that you felt from that relationship. Maybe its the fact that you miss the feeling of being in love, or the closeness,etc. I just had a dream where I was being held by someone that I don’t like in real life. It doesn’t mean I developed a crush on the this guy, it means I missed a certain feeling. For me, this guy represents that I’m not ready to date yet, as I’m going through a divorce, so I chose, subconciously, a guy I don’t like. What did the dream represent for you? Only you know. Good luck!

  19. First of all, please do not confuse dream world with real world. We all see things, un-natural things in dreams and they do not necessarily mean anything. Secondly, your sub conscious may be wondering other options, lost love, or something like that. This is not some sort of craving for him. OK. Or, maybe you are approaching a period where you find present relationship a bit tensed or boring… I am not going to judge that.
    If you, for some reason feel that there is something missing not having your ex, then most likely you are (subconsciously) wondering whatever became of him (give him a ring!) or what would have happened if you married him… Sounds a bit girlish, but we all wonder these things… And our minds are busy working out the sums… Its normal. Guess it is a phase and will wear out.
    So I urge you to understand this is a minor issue and maybe if you spiced up your life a bit (with your husband) it might help. And also occupy yourself with some useful thing if you are idling, that works with all forms of things. Don’t let curiosity get the better of you (that is if you are unable to find the ex and then develop an obsession driven by curiosity to search him) – he I am sure is older now and maybe in a happy happy relationship, like you are. Both of you are better off together in dream world. Besides, if you keep seeing him out there, why bother? Its not immoral or anything. guess its just a sweet dream and lucky you. lol

  20. Did you have intercourse with your first boyfriend? I doubt you would be having dreams about him unless you had significant sexual contact.
    If your husband had sexual contact with another woman 25 years ago,. rest assured he remembers every intimate detail or her body and certain sexual encounters with her.
    It sounds like you love each other. Memories and dreams is price you pay for giving your virginity to someone else other than your husband. You became one flesh with another man.

  21. Did you have “closure” when that relationship ended, or were there things that needed to be said, loose ends that should have been tied up? Those things tend to resurface and disturb, even many years later.
    I go more in depth about it in an article on my website.
    and click on
    Still Dreaming of a Past Love?
    on the right side of the page.


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