My grandfather just died a week ago. I have a seizure disorder but it is controlled and I only have one full blown a year. I need to note that stress has nothing to do with my seizures… I have been through a horrible breakup and a miscarriage and had no issues this year.

Seizure number one came at my grandfathers funeral as soon as we set foot on Catholic church grounds. I have Occipital lobe epilepsy due to an AVM that was removed but scar tissue aggrivates it. I carry around an injection and had to run into the bathroom and missed the entire service (plus scared my mother). I stopped it from going tonic clonic due to 20mg Diazepam.

24 hours later, I went into full blown tonic clonic nocturnal seizures after sleep paralysis and dreaming about my home where I grew up with my grampa always there. My boyfriend witnessed this and called my neuro who confirmed seizure.

3 days later, I was going thru my passed grandfathers clothing that I was going to donate to Goodwill. I found his wallet with his license, Veterans card, and money. I immediately called my mom who ignored my calls then his still living wife and told her I was driving over to drop it off. I started having seizure aura as soon as I hung up. I had to inject myself again with 20mg Diazepam to stop a full blown seizure.

Why does this all seem to circulate around my grampa? I went from one seizure a year to 3 a week in the week of his death. I haven’t changed meds and have been under way way way more stress than this before, help?


  • I would be interested to know how you determined that stress has nothing to do with your seizures. The people I know all have a higher incidence of seizures during times of stress. Since Diazepam is also prescribed for anxiety, it would seem that your increased seizures may very well be related to the stress.

  • idk…maybe you need an MRI done, or your dosage changed. I am not sure about the side-effects or duration…maybe you got a bad batch of Diazepam. It could be anything.

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